Traducción de rheostat en Español:


reóstato, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriəˌstæt//ˈriːəstat/


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    reóstato masculino
    • We observed females from distances of 3-20 m with binoculars and a headlamp dimmed with a rheostat to the point where the female was just visible.
    • An ideal situation would be a very bright bulb attached to a rheostat, so that the desired illumination level could be chosen as required.
    • A rheostat, aka potentiometer or variable resistor is exactly that - a resistor that limits the current passing through it at a varying level - in this case, depending on the position of a rotating knob.
    • Our maintainers determined recent rain, combined with chafed insulation on the wiring behind the formation-lights rheostat, had created a short circuit.
    • Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have identified in normal cells that a common metabolic enzyme, which acts as a rheostat of cellular conditions, also controls cell replication.
    • The light started to brighten as if turned by a rheostat.
    • These units were equipped with a cab signal system as well as a slow speed rheostat to control speed down to 2 ½ mph.
    • They often use a rheostat, which is similar to a humidistat, so that not only can you predetermine the level of humidity you want, but also allow the machine to adjust intelligently to overall humidity.
    • She learned how to bend neon tubing into shapes and how to connect electrical circuits and insert rheostats and timers to provide special visual effects.
    • As the instruments darkened, I raised my tinted visor and turned up the rheostats.
    • Liam recommends using a 15 watt bulb, mounted on the ceiling and connected through a rheostat, for making flash exposures, but in his correspondence with me has also noted that he had to recalibrate flash times when he changed bulbs.
    • And the by-wire throttle is not what we'd call micrometer-precise; it's much more an on/off switch than a rheostat.
    • Perhaps a built-in rheostat could be a nice addition in a future revision.
    • When using a bright field microscope, adjust the light so that it is very dim by racking the condenser down, closing the diaphragm and keeping the rheostat at its lowest setting.
    • Noise is controlled by the optional rheostat, which does lower the noise.
    • Indirect lighting with rheostat control was provided.
    • If your bathroom is bright, consider installing a rheostat (dimmer switch) or washing up by the light of a night light.
    • The 80 mm fan is controlled either automatically based on your BIOS settings, or manually via a rheostat control on the rear of the unit.
    • The control panel consists of a sensitivity rheostat switch, an annunciator light, which also functions as a mute button to turn off the audible warning, and a green power-on light.
    • Turn mixture to OFF and manual generator voltage switch rheostat to NORMAL.