Traducción de rhomboid en Español:


romboide, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɑmˌbɔɪd//ˈrɒmbɔɪd/


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    romboide masculino
    • While this is a great tool, I'd like for Adobe to reform their Free Transform tool and Free Distort filter into a single tool that allows users to distort objects within a rhomboid (as in Photoshop's Free Transform option).
    • At age four I was in grade Prep at South Caulfield Primary school differentiating between circles, triangles and rhomboids, as well as tethering the big world of toilet training (I was a year younger than most of my contemporaries).
    • It is an open-face rectangular box with three lattice-work rhomboids suspended inside it, and six lattice-work sticks protruding from it.
    • Another visually interesting dessert is the kalamay na ure, which looks like a glowing purple rhomboid, a sweet pasty thing made with purple rice.
    • Cppd crystals are smaller rods, squares, or rhomboids and are difficult to identify with light microscopy.
    • The spaces between the segmented squares and rhomboids appear as white lines, for example.
    • Between the two sat a white, benchlike rhomboid that mimicked the shape of the chamber, creating the effect of one surreally distorted ‘white cube’ within another.
    • This magic blue rhomboid will put you back on track.
    • These works feature flat surfaces with bold lines that suggest interlocking cubes, rhomboids and other 3-D shapes.
    • In fact there is ample evidence that Euclid is using earlier textbooks as he writes the Elements since he introduces quite a number of definitions which are never used such as that of an oblong, a rhombus, and a rhomboid.
    • The witness states that she looked carefully at the spheres as they made figure-like shapes in the air, first a rhomboid and then an arrow.
    • They are pleomorphic and are most typically rhomboid shaped, although long or short rods and small squares are also seen.
    • It was parallel and modern and ran level with lines of mountain, it was squares to be bisected and parallelograms and rhomboids.
    • Pfizer named its golden goose Viagra and packaged it in a rhomboid, sky-blue pill that became as iconic as the twin arches of a certain burger franchise.
    • Macfarlane's opening gambit - a clutch of mock-Masonic mystery doors, prismatic shapes and curious cones and rhomboids, is like the start of some kind of spiritual whodunnit.
    • It is not an easy show: a dozen works on paper, single coloured trapezoids, subtle curves and rhomboids, hung sparely in a stark white interior.
    • Tortilla chips in the shape of a rhomboid instead of a triangle?
    • Originally painted as a trompe-l'oeil log cabin, following his debut as scenery artist for a local panto, Dornan's villa was later decorated in colourful rhomboids.
    • Its arrangement of forms - a bulky, white rhomboid with curved sides that is balanced unsteadily on a dark rectangle - at first floats freely as a pure, nonrepresentational abstraction a la Ellsworth Kelly.
    • I was about to start drawing rhomboids and then stabbing the sharp part of the compass through the paper.


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