Traducción de riches en Español:


riquezas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪtʃɪz//ˈrɪtʃɪz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    riquezas femenino
    • He had only £2.75 in his pocket but now he has riches beyond his wildest dreams.
    • His status as a friend of royalty undoubtedly earned him great wealth, riches and national prominence.
    • Materialistic types can turn the page because there are no riches awaiting the winner.
    • It does not bring riches in the immediate present, but it does bring wealth in the future.
    • But whatever this is, it is not an example of riches earned by writing.
    • This proves the point that wealth is not as good as work, nor riches as good as earnings.
    • A record number in the list made their riches from land and property, up five from the previous year.
    • Imagine going out to dinner with a charming man who promises you riches and glory beyond your wildest dreams.
    • But though the conquests brought riches, they also brought grave problems.
    • His skills have brought him adulation and riches beyond belief.
    • He also needs the money, for the glamour and riches of, say, Formula One or even the upper echelons of bike racing, are beyond him.
    • Someone in your position is unlikely to have hundreds of thousands to invest, so the road to riches will be a long one.
    • More than ever, it seems, we need proof that material riches can't buy love and contentment.
    • He did so driven by passion rather than dreams of fortune and riches.
    • The public saw this as a chance to join in the capitalist race for riches, but the scheme collapsed taking the savings of the gullible with it.
    • Together they have added to their riches by investing in property.
    • But it remains to be seen whether or not Khan will be able to resist the lure of riches for long enough to win his gold medal in three and a half years time.
    • He has achieved it without sponsorship, riches or public acclaim.
    • Setting up your own business is one of the best ways to get started on the road to riches and you don't have to be a Richard Branson-type either.
    • Many frittered away their riches or became entangled in wealth-sapping legal disputes.