Traducción de ricochet en Español:


rebotar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪkəˌʃɛt//ˈrɪkəʃeɪ//ˈrɪkəˌʃeɪ//ˈrɪkəʃɛt/

verbo intransitivoricocheted, ricochets, ricocheting

  • 1

    (bullet) rebotar
    (bullet) retachar México
    the bullet ricocheted off the wall la bala rebotó en la pared
    • Since bullets can ricochet off the water's surface and pose a risk to nearby civilians, water patrol officers almost never fire warning shots.
    • Then bullets started ricocheting off the outside of our building.
    • This time the bullet ricochets off the stone fireplace behind Deuterium Boy and embeds itself in the piano, causing the figurine to topple off and shatter on the ground.
    • Course Manager Col. Bavornrat Maitreeprasat said bullets will frequently ricochet off something nearby or on the shooting range and fall on the course.
    • Bullets ricochet off rock surfaces, and broken glass crunches underneath your boots.
    • The bullet ricocheted off a lower rib and ripped a lung.
    • When I refuse to hand over my confidential patient files, he pulls out a pistol and fires multiple shots at my desk, one bullet ricocheting off my nameplate and embedding itself in my beeper.
    • A third officer, PC James Banks, was also shot at, but escaped injury when a bullet ricocheted off his radio harness.
    • This, of course, was almost as hazardous to the pilot as to the enemy aircraft, with bullets sometimes ricocheting back at the gunner.
    • In the cross fire, a bullet ricocheted off of Torrance's skull, breaking the bone and sending him into shock.
    • Bullets can ricochet off water, rocks, trees, metal, and other hard surfaces.
    • James and Vassilli realized that their position was entirely too exposed when bullets started ricocheting from underneath the truck.
    • The bullet ricocheted, lightly wounding the man in the leg.
    • The new mix is wonderfully enveloping with bullets ricocheting and voices echoing around in the cavernous locations when appropriate.
    • A third officer, PC James Banks, 26, escaped injury when a bullet ricocheted off his radio belt and the buckle on his baton.
    • Bullets ricochet off the armored supply vehicle.
    • The ship's only reported mishap came when a coxswain was hit in the neck (but not badly wounded) by a bullet ricocheting off a modern pentathlete's target.
    • Lucas instinctively covered his head as the attack endured, the bullets ricocheting against every surface they struck.
    • The bullet ricochets off the back of the trapdoor and Gail jerks in terror.
    • Ben quickly ducked behind a sturdy looking refrigerator - just as the assassin jammed her finger down on the trigger and sent bullets ricocheting all over the kitchen in screeching showers of sparks.

nombrePlural ricochets

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    the bullet was sent across the street in a ricochet la bala cruzó la calle de rebote
    • he was hit in the leg by a ricochet una bala le dio de rebote en la pierna