Traducción de ridge tile en Español:

ridge tile

teja de caballete, n.


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    teja de caballete femenino
    • In relation to Sandtoft's angled ridge tiles, that did not happen.
    • He said ridge tiles and fences had been ripped up by the whirlwind as it made its way through Ard Mhuire, traveling in the direction of Lullymore.
    • They discovered he was dealing with two builders who had offered to repair a ridge tile for £5 and then agreed to repoint the chimney stack for £400.
    • He had noticed that several of the ornate clay ridge tiles were loose and their bedding mortar was cracked; he could easily lift several of those tiles.
    • The roof is all finished now apart from a line of cement pointing over the new leading on the chimney stack and a single ridge tile either side to cap it all off.
    • Steel spikes will be put up on top of the railings and roof ridge tiles on the wall to make it harder to get a foothold.
    • It looked very grim when the distressed man started to cling on to the ridge tile of the roof with his feet dangling.
    • Tomorrow the banging and clattering overhead will resume as the last of the slate tiles are laid, followed by the ridge tiles.
    • They'd fixed one ridge tile in place so that I could see it.