Traducción de rifle shot en Español:

rifle shot

disparo de rifle, n.


  • 1

    (shot fired from rifle)
    disparo de rifle masculino
    • And we were all of four miles out of harbour when a balloon popped like a rifle shot and McVeigh was into a fish.
    • The shot, when it's fired inside a vehicle doesn't produce the rolling report of a rifle shot in most people's mind.
    • Gardai believe that any one of five people could have died after a rifle shot was fired into a house in Stephen McDonagh Place at the weekend.
    • Whenever he snapped his large fan open, it sounded like a rifle shot!
    • Suddenly, the night was rent with screams of ‘Banzai’ and other war cries answered with rapid machine gun fire and staccato rifle shots.
    • In each incident, a single rifle shot was fired from a distance.
    • Throughout the morning, rifle shots cracked across the usually quiet southern Russian town of Beslan, with the occasional blast of a grenade echoing among apartment blocks.
    • I then heard rifle shots and a flurry of grenades bursting.
    • That star is nearly fifty times brighter than the Sun; coincidentally, our Solar System is moving toward it at the stately pace of twenty times the speed of a rifle shot.
    • The sound of the rifle shot echoes through the canyons, alerting Cody that something is amiss, which is confirmed when Dobie's horse gallops through the canyon, dragging Dobie's corpse along the ground, his foot twisted in the stirrups.
    • It was thoughts of this nature that filled Will's mind as he walked, when, up ahead, there was the sound of a rifle shot.
    • Another rifle shot careened, grazing him in the shoulder.
    • The 13-year-old was struck by a single rifle shot fired by his stepfather during a lamping expedition.
    • Suddenly an electric crack sharp as a rifle shot split the air, rattling the dishes in the cabinets and setting off car alarms all over the neighborhood.
    • His brother, who looked like him, was killed with a rifle shot, but nobody ever found out who did it.
    • She said: ‘We hear a lot of what sounds like air rifle shots in the area but it's hard to tell where they are coming from.’
    • Then, on April 4, a rifle shot ended the life of Martin Luther King.
    • She sat alone in her prison cell each day, listening to the crack of rifle shots as bullets tore into the bodies of her comrades and dearest friends.
    • The ball left the bat of Stanford's Chris Carter dead on a line, like a rifle shot, and went right over the pitcher's head, rising with the roar of the NCAA college baseball Super Regional crowd.
    • It sounded like a rifle shot, and it came from a long way off.
  • 2

    (range of rifle)
    acance de tiro de un rifle masculino
    • It seemed only moments before the natives withdrew to just outside rifle shot range.
    • I try to see my biases for what they are and keep them in check, but nonetheless I confess that I have reservations about being within rifle shot of at least some of the people who might be walking about with six-shooters under their ponchos.
    • This sight gave everyone the greatest pleasure, and our leading troop trotted and cantered forward to a small grove of trees which stood within rifle shot of the conical hill.
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    tirador de rifle masculino
    tiradora de rifle femenino