Traducción de rift en Español:


fisura, n.

Pronunciación /rɪft//rɪft/


  • 1

    (in rock)
    fisura femenino
    grieta femenino
    • Dextral slip was not responsible for opening most of the rift basins in Thailand.
    • The East African rift system also contributed to knowledge because of the abundance of ash falls.
    • Extension associated with lengthening of the Himalayan collision orogen is accommodated by small graben and rifts almost at right angles to the strike of the collision zone.
    • The major rift eventually developed west of Scotland (present orientation).
    • The country lies along the East African rift and experiences occasional tremors and earthquakes.
  • 2literario

    (in cloud)
    claro masculino
    • News of a rift between the friends is believed to be accurate, with the rumour leaking out at one point last month that the latter had left the company altogether.
    • He saw a rift opening and then he knew she was gone.
    • I went on my journey to find her, I found a rift in space and time by traveling the lands and I found my way to Earth.
    • The meeting revealed a serious rift between them that may result in violence.
    • Kanta starts to chant a few words and a rift opens in front of them.
    • Myself and a few of the other mages opened up a rift in time.
    • The rift between Washington and poor countries over this issue was threatening to derail next month's meeting of the World Trade Organization in Cancun, Mexico.
    • Eric Simons, the team coach, said categorically that no internal rift existed.
    • After mending the rift with his estranged First Lady, Dave sets about healing America itself.
    • Vagrant Story is still the child of its parents, though, which is where the rift in its appeal opens up.
    • For some at least, this recognition would produce a psychological rift, a split subjectivity imploding with the violent impact of sameness.
    • A source close to Foley denied any boardroom rift, and described relations with Cahill as " top class".
    • I don't want to cause a rift between her and her friends.
    • There is a serious rift between the players and the governing body.
    • The debate boils down to a growing philosophical rift in the industry.
    • Recent City of Geraldton council debates and votes have exposed an apparently widening rift between councillors.
    • The man who claims them as rightfully his says he hopes to one day mend the family rift.
    • She waved her hand yet again and opened a purplish rift in the air that glowed with uncertainty.
    • Disagreement over economic policy opened ideological rifts among Iran's ruling elite.
    • An attempt is the operative term, because as Rygar starts his rescue, a rift opens beneath him, sending him into the realm of the Titans.
    • For a while I even entertained the notion that all the people who disappear each year simply fall through a rift in space to another dimension.
    • A few stars glittered coldly in the rifts between the clouds.
    • Joseph Hanno's crime opened a rift in Mather's complex views about race, slavery, and Christianity: it put them in tension.
    • Your soul has rifts torn by hardships and suffering in the past, and the more you have endured, the easier it is to be consumed.
    • The controversial case has widened the rift between conservatives and progressives to the detriment of national unity.
    • Two new parish councillors were elected this year on promises made to heal the rift caused by the controversy.
    • The war caused a deep rift in the close-knit Western alliance.
    • Chairman Elizabeth Blacklee told the annual parish meeting that personality clashes were to blame for a rift between a modernising faction and veteran councillors.
    • The regional preparatory meetings over the years revealed a fundamental rift in the alliance.
    • He had torn a rift in the very fabric of space and time with this white and black magic.
    • However, just as he's about to strike at the demon lord, a rift in time opens and Samanosuke is propelled through time to the future.
    • Much later in the film we learn there has been a quite serious rift between Jacqueline and Tayeb, but until we reach that point Jacqueline's right to her secrets is respected.
    • In secret, using technology known only to themselves, the Ta-Kee were able to open quantum rifts, similar to Portals, between the universes and pass from this to another.
    • Other social and economic developments deepen the rifts in Chinese society.
    • These days, people will tear rifts in the fabric of space-time for any old reason.
    • A shaft of sun passed through a rift in the clouds and shone on it.
    • Union leaders will decide today whether to call fresh strikes by firefighters in the New Year, as a deepening rift with the Government dashed any hopes of a breakthrough in the pay dispute.
    • Savarics Uzumaki finished the staff and opened the dimensional rifts to allow passage into a new home for demons.
    • There were appeals for Mr Bush to work on healing the transatlantic rift.
    • Altair sensed a deep rift within her, opened the instant he had spoken of home.
  • 3

    (within party) escisión femenino
    (within party) división femenino
    (between people) distanciamiento masculino
    (between countries) ruptura femenino