Traducción de rig-out en Español:


atuendo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪ ˌɡaʊt///



  • 1

    atuendo masculino
    • I'd say a lot of them are totally bored and let their minds wander to the dinner, the match or Mrs Nolan's rig-out.
    • What's the betting that you've a rig-out that's seen the light of day once and has since been languishing in your wardrobe?
    • A pretty smart rig-out, I thought, for a night out at the pub.
    • We took special glee in laughing at all the ice-skaters' hilarious rig-outs and the obscure terminology that seems to go with that activity.
    • He is unapologetic about the rig-out: ‘I wear all the gear all the time.’
    • Finally, to the member of staff called Norman, thanks for praising my rig-out, you made me feel a million dollars in my ever-so-cheap outfit.