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Pronunciación /ˌraɪtˈhændər///


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    jugador, músico etc que no es zurdo
    • The fact that this most coveted world record has been held by left-handers for the last 47 years fuels the decades-old theory that left-handers, as a rule, are more gifted than the orthodox right-handers.
    • My left-handed colleague Steve Carroll gave me a list of things to do using objects that are allegedly designed for right-handers.
    • Years ago, it was thought that there was a connection between handedness and language, but current research suggests that right-handers and about 70% of left-handers utilise the left brain for speech.
    • Fridge handles are placed on the left for right-handers; handwriting runs from left to right, forcing the left-hander to push the pen along instead of pulling.
    • The right-hander had himself to blame for his dismissal as he tried to play at a wide outside-the-off-stump delivery and only succeeded in edging to VVS Laxman at second slip.
    • Therefore although both right-handers and left-handers put on their right shoe first (because of prominence to the right side), there is a difference with regard to tying their laces.
    • International tournaments, divided into weight categories by 5kg, are open to left-handers, right-handers, men, women and the disabled.
    • With the Asia Cup final against Sri Lanka just two days away, the right-hander from Hyderabad played with some extra protection on his injured left knee.
    • The powerful right-hander from Cordoba comfortably beat Henman's Madrid conqueror Ivan Ljubicic 6-4 6-4.
    • A ball just short of a length from Silverwood went over the top of Spearman's stumps but the right-hander responded with a boundary and soon afterwards there were four overthrows as Martyn aimed at the stumps and missed.
    • Chris's dad, at a brisk medium - pace, was not so fiery as the younger version but swung the ball consistently - into the right-handers and away from me and other left-handers.
    • If a left-arm pace bowler is to have any consistent success in test cricket he needs to be able to swing the ball back into the right-handers.
    • Atapattu followed for nine in Pollock's next over, the ninth of the morning, after nicking a full-length delivery that swung away from the right-hander.
    • The Mariners are facing Tim Hudson tonight, not only one of the league's top right-handers but a pitcher who has been particularly tough on Ichiro.
    • Just as he did in last year's final win over Fraser Coast, the stylish right-hander was a match-winner, finishing just six runs shy of a thoroughly deserved century, remaining unconquered on 94.
    • White, a big-hitting right-hander who captured the Scottish National championships at the same venue last weekend, also made a couple of early inroads, before unforced errors started to creep into his game.
    • ‘His natural angle of delivery tends to come back at right-handers, which is perfect for the middle of the one-day innings when there are no slips,’ he says.
    • So the most obvious explanation for paying them more is that they bring something to the table that right-handers don't have.
    • When Warne first bowled at the legs of right-handers by coming at them from round the wicket, he was criticised for being negative.
    • He is also able to bring the ball back off the seam into right-handers, a quality that makes two of India's top batsmen, Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman, look distinctly uncomfortable.