Traducción de rigorous en Español:


riguroso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪɡ(ə)rəs//ˈrɪɡ(ə)rəs/


  • 1

    (strict, thorough)
    • In 1998, he cited ‘vigilant and rigorous control’ over costs as a main goal.
    • Our regulatory system is the most rigorous in the world.
    • If there was a rigorous enforcement of regulations these incidences would be curbed because managements would be penalised severely.
    • Such a culture, based on the most rigorous rules of court etiquette and procedure, naturally gave rise to correspondingly formalised aesthetic theories of music and the theatre.
    • Over the past year, 180 solutions has attempted to clean up its image and now enforces rigorous rules on its affiliates and has added safeguards into its software.
    • While no one doubts the need for more rigorous border controls now, there are critics who say the federal government is doing a poor job of distinguishing between potential terrorists and legitimate travelers.
    • Rather than adhering to the system of rigorous discipline that the assortment of troubled kids have become accustomed to, Mathieu instead prefers to try and understand their problems and inspire them through his love of music.
    • Quality levels are in turn controlled by rigorous vetting and cataloguing, so buyers can feel confident they know just what they are getting for their money.
    • Any bottle of champagne has to follow a very rigorous set of rules to qualify for the ‘champagne’ label.
    • As the international trade group for the interactive gambling industry, we have spent the past six years promoting rigorous government regulation of our industry.
    • However, in the UK there are rigorous controls in place to maintain safety and standards in the stunt profession.
    • To their inferiors, each official demanded rigorous implementation of orders, while bargaining with and concealing resources from those above them.
  • 2

    (climate) riguroso
    • Gagarin was subjected to extremely rigorous training - physical, mental, and psychological.
    • Tara had found that it was the kids who complained far less than their adult counterparts about the rigorous therapy they sometimes had to go through in order for their bodies to heal properly.
    • He was a large man, broad shoulders, muscular limbs with a well-toned body and large, powerful hands that came from his regular and rigorous combat practice with his friend.
    • He witnessed firsthand the rigorous but gratifying demands of entrepreneurship.
    • University is difficult enough with rigorous course work, steep fees and social demands, but try to imagine attending while severely disabled.
    • It will be a rigorous course used to increase your endurance, speed, agility, and muscle mass.
    • Charter schools, higher standards, rigorous demands on teachers, and smaller class size, he writes, are all diversions, aimed at keeping us from striking at the real heart of the problem.
    • I was a senior this year and that meant even more rigorous courses, club meetings, and long sports practices.
    • The training is extremely rigorous and the performers are expected to grow and form a unit within the studio.
    • It was her job, and she did it with a professionalism that came from rigorous training and self-discipline.
    • They had known each other since their college days, completing the rigorous interior design courses for their majors.
    • There, she took ballet six days a week and had a rigorous academic course load, plus music theory, singing, and body conditioning.
    • She hadn't seen anyone from her school in a long time, as she had been taking courses through correspondence to adhere to her rigorous therapy schedule.
    • After joining the Jesuit Order, he underwent rigorous training in Rome and Madrid and was named a missionary to the uncharted regions of New Spain.
    • The challenge then became to be physically competent enough to cope with the rigorous demands of filming, and to cut a suitably believable action hero.
    • It was rigorous but after a hard day's work, and knowing that I would know how to defend myself in a tough situation, it seemed all worth it.
    • Everyone is put through the same rigorous training.