Traducción de rile en Español:


irritar, v.

Pronunciación /raɪl//rʌɪl/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    it riles me that he gets all the credit me irrita que se lleve todos los méritos
    • don't let it rile you no te hagas mala sangre por eso
    • to get riled cabrearse
    • What riles me about mortgage lenders is that they take advantage of their customers.
    • Hearing that name riled Adam up, knocking his anger up a couple of notches.
    • Whatever it is that's riled him, his ugly, near unnecessary swearing renders any salient point he might have been making completely irrelevant.
    • I didn't need any false bravado to intimidate now; I was really riled.
    • Certainly, when she was riled up enough about something she became nearly as intimidating as Jess.
    • She looked so calm and relaxed while I was riled up inside.
    • He'd never explained why he was so riled about her working.
    • He liked to think he was a laid-back kind of guy; nothing riled him and certainly women didn't get him all worked up.
    • We just felt it wasn't the best thing to tell you and rile you up.
    • I remembered Jacob's advice and decided maybe riling him up wasn't such a great idea at the moment.
    • Mr. Gilmer kept working him, jabbing at him, trying to rile him up or rattle him by suggesting that if he had been innocent he wouldn't have run.
    • It might be the abuse of language on a particular menu that riles him one week; or he's arguing that certain experiences are worth paying over the odds for the next.
    • Her eyes narrowed into her infamous glare, and the woman was riled enough to fight back.
    • Graeme always knew how to rile me, and Sam was no better.
    • I don't know why, but the thought of him helping her riled me up a little, but I tried to ignore my irrational feelings of jealousy.
    • Alec had always been more patient than most, but if he was riled up, there was no changing his mind.
    • It really riles me up the way she can be so sanctimonious.
    • It's bound to happen sooner or later that a review you write will rile someone enough to write a scathing email.
    • You could tell him to sleep and to stop being so obsessed with sports because they only rile him up.
    • ‘I can't be around Jake for more than five minutes without him saying something to rile me up,’ Sam huffed.