Traducción de rim en Español:


borde, n.

Pronunciación /rɪm//rɪm/


  • 1

    (of cup, bowl) borde masculino
    (of spectacles) montura femenino
    (of spectacles) armazón masculino
    Motor Vehicles (of wheel) llanta femenino
    Motor Vehicles (of wheel) rin masculino América Latina
    (of bicycle wheel) aro masculino
    • Japanese car manufacturers, for example, already figure out where every tire, rim, and crankshaft will go after their cars die.
    • Minerva groaned as her head fell forward, her forehead resting on the rim of the steering wheel.
    • She hesitated for a moment, running her nimble fingers around the rim of her tankard.
    • Together they got him to grab the rim of the opening.
    • The side of his car was dented and destroyed, three bullet holes already in it and a loose back tire, the rim about to pop off from the constant banging.
    • Two of the anonymous figures are wearing business suits, the third dressed in geek attire: woollen vest over shirt with long hair swept over the rims of thick glasses.
    • My appetite gone, I pushed the bowl aside and traced my finger around the rim of my wineglass.
    • According to this list, between 1811 and 1816, he made almost three times as many double-wheel rims as single-wheel rims.
    • Mary had calmed down somewhat and was now sitting on the fountain's rim.
    • At a small, three-legged table she had prepared a tiny, porcelain white cup of dark coffee edged with a royal blue rim.
    • Suddenly Mr. Podgers dropped Lord Arthur's right hand, and seized hold of his left, bending down so low to examine it that the gold rims of his spectacles seemed almost to touch the palm.
    • Kaji became silent and felt tears building up on the rim of her eyes.
    • The firms' main products were electricity cables and wheel rims, he said.
    • Driving full throttle on his wheel rims, he trundled back to Augusta at 30 mph and meandered through downtown, trailed by a posse of 14 cruisers.
    • The rims of the cast iron wheels were covered with rubber to grip the saw.
    • Paul hurried to the rim of the crater as fast as he could.
    • I grew a full beard and had my hair cut like his, added a little gray to both, wore some wire rim glasses, and, of course, the shirt and jeans.
    • She simply lay along the outer rim of the pool, letting her hand lazily drift through the water.
    • Karfner looked at me over the rims of his thick glasses, his lips pulled into a frown.
    • Discs, attached at the hub instead of the wheel rims, are better than standard V-type brakes in all conditions, particularly mud and water.
    • Researchers use the shadow lengths to calculate the depth of the craters, and the height of the crater rims.
    • So he took both tyres off and drove around on the rims.
    • I bent my wheel rim so bad that I had to get my car towed.
    • We wore flowery shirts and cheap sunglasses with round black rims and coloured lenses (Tony's blue and mine crimson).
    • He peered at her over the metal rims of his glasses and seemed to question why she had come.
    • He wore wire rim glasses that, all together, made him look like the cultured, intelligent and dangerous man he was.
    • Louis put aside his journal and studied his daughter over the rim of his spectacles.
    • She slowly ran her finger around the rim of the cup, sighing heavily.
    • Turning off the engine, she removed the key and handed it to Matt before resting her forehead on the rim of the steering wheel.
    • By now, the front tires were running on metal rims.
    • His blue eyes sparkled from behind silver wire rim glasses.
    • A bird landed on the rim of the building, squawking for a few seconds.
    • Nevertheless, handling is predictable for such a large vehicle with its 75 litre fuel tank and huge 7.5R16 tyres on steel rims.
    • I set down my glass deliberately and traced the rim slowly with my finger.
    • A pair of glasses, with large rims and thick lenses, rested lopsidedly along his nose, and he adjusted them to see Jennifer more clearly when he stopped.
    • It's a round table covered in a rich red tablecloth with bright, cheerful gold on the rim.
    • I sighed and tapped my finger on the rim of my wine glass for a moment.
    • I watched her run her finger along the rim of her cup.
    • His eyes set upon a particular set, with round lenses and wire rims.
    • The orange t-shirt lad carried a thick book under his arm, and peered up behind oval rim glasses.
    • Her beady eyes narrow and her caterpillar brows furrow together over the thick rims of her bifocals.
    • She angrily glared at him from above the rim of her thick glasses.
    • Put 24-inch chrome wheel rims, two-tone ostrich leather seats, dual exhaust pipes and strobe lights on your SUV, and suddenly you've got a vehicle that's going places.
    • He found a clever way to stretch the luminous strips and apply them to the bike frame and wheel rims.
    • The car was yellow in color and had nice little rims on the tires.
    • There is also much less chance of damaging tyres or rims in a pothole.
    • Phin looked over the thin rim of his reading glasses with aqua blue eyes.
    • I nodded slowly and hooked my fingers over the rim of the basin and peered inside of it.
    • She began to run her finger around the rim of her martini glass.
    • She was following the rim of the crater towards him.