Traducción de ringer en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈrɪŋər//ˈrɪŋə/


  • 1

    to bring in a ringer sustituir un caballo, coche de carreras etc por otro similar pero capaz de mejor desempeño
    • to be a (dead) ringer for sb ser idéntico a algn
    • Nils Hognestad as Desmond is a bit of a ringer for Prince William and manages an impressive degree of bumbling charisma.
    • Almost all the actors and actresses in this splendid show are ringers for the historical persons they portray.
    • Farmiga, a ringer for a young Faye Dunaway, won an acting award at the close of the festival.
    • Would his concentrated attention have anything to do with the fact that she is a striking brunette, considered by some to be a ringer for Monica Lewinsky?
  • 2bell ringer

    campanero masculino
    campanera femenino
    • Tremulous, I park my car by the curb and slowly walk up to the front door, knocking the brass ringer.
    • The ringer is great - very loud and supplemented with a vibrate.
    • In the distance, church bells rang out as a team of ringers sought perfection through incessant practise.
    • It was used for gatherings of staff and family at Christmas and New Year, with traditional entertainments provided by the Ackworth mummers and parish hand-bell ringers.