Traducción de ripen en Español:


madurar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈraɪpən//ˈrʌɪp(ə)n/

verbo intransitivo

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    (fruit) madurar
    • Acorns and black gum fruits also ripen in autumn.
    • Before we release a new blueberry plant, we want to know when the fruit ripens, that the plants grow vigorously, and that they produce high-quality fruit.
    • As the fruit ripens, on or off the tree, its skin becomes less rough and hard, and reveals a yellow colour when scratched, instead of the green which unripe fruit would show.
    • The flowers were still as beautiful and bright as the first day I had been there, and the fruit was still ripened to perfection, dangling from the trees.
    • As it ripens in the fall, the fruit often hangs in the tree after all the leaves have fallen off.
    • If you wanted bananas, he would bring up a bunch of about thirty small green ones from the village for threepence, and put in the kitchen they slowly ripened, a few at a time.
    • Fresh tomatoes can be stored in the fridge, but are significantly better ripened and served at room temperature.
    • As the seeds ripen, they begin to extrude from the fruit casing.
    • Fruit ripens in late September to early October and keeps two to three months.
    • As the apples begin to ripen, orders go out that all the windfall apples and the main crop later on are to be reserved for the sole use of the pigs.
    • The more rapid development, the better the cheese, some say, while other starter cultures work more slowly and the cheese ripens at a slower pace.
    • The fruit drops off before ripening and has poor color.
    • Fruit ripened on every tree and birdsong filled the air.
    • The dome-shaped shade displays apples and grapes arranged in a progression of color as the fruits appear to ripen with the seasons.
    • If an unexpected frost occurs, undamaged fruits can be salvaged and ripened.
    • Plastics may be used early in the season to increase soil temperatures and extend the growing season or to help ripen fruit.
    • The fruit ripens 73-80 days from full bloom.
    • Wheat in Nebraska usually ripens under warm, dry conditions that favor development of quality grain for bread making.
    • I tell Ray that by the time I'm finished picking one row I'll be able to start over, since more fruit will have ripened by then.
    • And summer gives way to the harvest and the winds of autumn, and the leaves lie dead on the ground and the fruit ripens and rots.

verbo transitivo

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    hacer madurar