Traducción de risk capital en Español:

risk capital

capital-riesgo, n.



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    capital-riesgo masculino
    • So, you have now established a system whereby your loss from each individual trade is limited to 2% of your risk capital.
    • When risk capital is highly specific to the firm, then those suppliers should control the firm.
    • There are no guarantees that investors will make a return on their risk capital, but the hope is that they will.
    • The vast amounts of risk capital entrusted to entrepreneurs to create new companies and to invent new markets have fueled a frenzy of innovation that has reshaped the economy.
    • The task of assembling risk capital is daunting and talk on the subject quickly turns to government's role.
    • Electronic commerce generates an immense variety of goods for the least cost as there are no physical or land - based investments or risk capital associated with it.
    • Germany is Europe's biggest economy and desperately needs a venue for risk capital.
    • The UK is still an option, but the investment climate is not good for risk capital.
    • Cable made the investment with no guarantee of profits from regulators and entirely with private risk capital.
    • It's a nontraditional industry, so the tools for venture and risk capital are being built.
    • In the process, the initial risk capital was lost, but colonial trade was assured.
    • Rather, with the rise of risk capital, the market has become the critical nexus of economic growth and innovation.
    • He said that such bonds had been successfully issued by the federal government in the United States to attract risk capital into socially desirable projects.
    • A shortage of risk capital for advanced technological development and the high cost and inefficiency of Europe's financial services were also highlighted by the report.