Traducción de river en Español:


río, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪvər//ˈrɪvə/


  • 1

    río masculino
    (port/traffic) (before noun) fluvial
    (mouth/basin) del río
    (fish) de río
    (fish) de agua dulce
    the Hudson River el río Hudson
    • the River Thames el (río) Támesis
    • by the/a river a la orilla del/de un río
    • up/down river río arriba/abajo
    • rivers of blood/lava ríos de sangre/lava
    • With hundreds of lakes and rivers, you could sail and water ski the day away without even coming close to the coast.
    • Water can be obtained from streams, rivers, lakes, or underground aquifers, which are used to supply private wells and public drinking water.
    • Major environmental problems faced by China are pollution in rivers, lakes and seas, as well as urban air pollution and acid rain, the report said.
    • The site is close to a tributary of the Slaney river from which water supplies for Carlow and Wexford are drawn.
    • Extraction of gravel in streams and rivers results in sediment-related pollution and a disturbance of natural hydraulic patterns.
    • Above me, the sky was grey and overcast, the rain pelting down upon the rocky mountainside in steady sheets, running down to feed the rivers and lakes.
    • Global warming could devastate lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands throughout the United States.
    • Glaciers and snowfields are essential stores of water - which keep rivers running and fields irrigated through the long, dry summer.
    • Inland wetlands are common on floodplains along rivers and streams and in other low-lying areas.
    • The draining of water from rivers and watersheds for irrigation leads to drier natural habitats.
    • Record temperatures dried up wells, rivers and streams and resulted in water crises in 11 of India's 31 states.
    • The river itself hummed with natural energy, crystal clear water darkening to a thick indigo to show its depth.
    • The small streams became raging rivers, which flowed flawlessly into many lakes.
    • Some farmers rely on alternative water sources, such as wells, other streams or rivers.
    • In river valleys, water that seeps from canals and fields provides groundwater that can be pumped for various purposes or the water may return to rivers through streams or creeks.
    • The nature was beautiful, mountains, rivers, lakes and blooming Sakura trees.
    • The network of canals, rivers and lakes in Holland is thousands of miles long, and since all the Dutch waterways are connected, it makes for the perfect boating holiday.
    • The hot springs and underground river that enter the lake results in the water on the shore being boiling hot.
    • The rye plants capture and hold nutrients and moisture in place, reducing the amount that reaches rivers, streams and ground water.
    • Water is obtained from lakes, rivers, and wells and must be carried over great distances.