Traducción de riveting en Español:


fascinante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪvɪdɪŋ//ˈrɪvɪtɪŋ/


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    • However, the two do an excellent job putting all the details together in a coherent, even riveting narrative.
    • And they do promise to be some riveting television.
    • As this semi final unfolded the hurling was riveting.
    • Nobody has puzzled longer over the roots of his creativity than Dylan himself and this riveting, poetic memoir is the result.
    • He discusses the psychological impact on troops torn between loyalty and self-preservation in this riveting tale.
    • Earlier, I saw a staged reading of Light at Smith College; the dialogue was riveting.
    • The combination can be riveting in any debate.
    • It was the most riveting episode in sport I have ever seen.
    • It is a riveting story, splendidly told.
    • Four successive days, furthermore, brought forth a quartet of riveting scraps.
    • Our kids discovered that nothing is more riveting than a good read.
    • There were no substitutes and no gimmicks and it was absolutely riveting.
    • Our Stan Grant has been reporting on this story for weeks now, bringing us some extremely riveting reports.
    • Richard Harris delivers a riveting portrayal of Captain Tyreen.
    • The games provide a riveting soccer spectacle at no cost to the spectators.
    • This will be a riveting, unforgettable experience!
    • I cannot say that this film was riveting or particularly thought provoking.
    • He accompanies his startling allegations about his opponent with riveting admissions about his own identity.
    • All the pros and cons of its cinematic flourishes considered, Slumdog Millionaire is a bloody good, riveting and emotionally rousing film.
    • The reports of our Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure sometimes make for riveting reading.