Traducción de road sense en Español:

road sense

instinto de conductor, n.


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    instinto de conductor masculino
    • The club, which exists to promote road safety, marks its competitors on signals, positioning and general road sense as they tackled normal hazards such as traffic lights, junctions and roundabouts.
    • The school-run contributes to obesity as well as poor road sense, stranger-danger and social skills.
    • The balance between road safety and road sense seems to have moved too far out of balance.
    • It is dangerous for the children because they have no road sense.
    • No one seems to have basic road sense here.
    • The programme was aimed at children to inculcate road sense and drive home the point that they should learn safe driving habits.
    • That indeed might be reasonably expected of a grown-up person with a fully developed road sense, but not of a child of 13.
    • The man who has taught road sense to thousands of Bolton schoolchildren over the past 20 years is finally preparing to put his feet up.
    • The poor state of roads coupled with poor road sense among drivers is the prime cause for this state of affairs.
    • Many people think that riding a motor-bike is just like cycling a pushbike but it's not - it demands tuition, skill, road sense and judgement.
    • We once had cycling proficiency tests, this was arranged with the local police, and the school authorities, to teach the pupil the highway code and road sense.
    • Motorists there have poor road sense and are unaware of Highway Code rules, according to a survey.
    • If you have good road sense, you'll likely be able to navigate whole tracks without too much trouble.
    • And in any event, children approaching their early teens can have road sense instilled in them if they are allowed to walk.
    • ‘Many do not have any road sense, do not know what and how to signal with hand and are totally indifferent to vehicles in their front and back’.
    • Hopefully he has since found his owner as his road sense was sadly lacking.
    • It doesn't matter if the way they behave causes more traffic jams - they will disregard road sense and disobey the rules constantly.
    • The final solution: drivers must acquire road sense.
    • But the experience convinced me that testing people's road sense in a safe environment is a good idea.
    • These guests betray little understanding of our way of life, show scant respect for open spaces, and lack all road sense.