Traducción de road sign en Español:

road sign

señal vial, n.


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    señal vial femenino
    señal de tráfico femenino
    señal de tránsito femenino América Latina
    there were no road signs no había señalización
    • Remembering a road sign she'd spotted earlier, she spoke up, ‘There's a gas station coming up, do you want to stop there?’
    • There's not a traffic light to be seen, not even a hint of a road sign.
    • A road sign slowly approached informing them of the name of the next prairie town, 25 kilometres away.
    • It was a challenge to spend 10 hours watching for road signs and reminding Mr. Boyles to ‘keep it at 40.’
    • In areas controlled by the private sector road signs tend to be clearly visible and safety precautions such as speed bumps are often used.
    • This official road sign is placed just inside the border with Brazil at Puerto Iguazu, in the far north of the country.
    • You may have noticed that beans under a street light or by a road sign stay green longer in the fall.
    • His native area seems determined to detain foreign tourists by printing road signs in Irish only.
    • She caught sight of a road sign just as she turned to look in front of her.
    • I took a left at the first road sign I saw and headed toward my house.
    • He derives the title of his exhibition from a road sign which warns passing motorists to beware of the horses.
    • I looked at the road sign indicating we were in the next Emirate, Umm Al Quwain.
    • The road sign showed that Palm Beach was about 212 miles from this point, which was at least another two days of driving.
    • For the rest of the journey she allowed the conversation to wash over her and she finally felt normal as she read the road sign welcoming them to Oxford.
    • I looked up at the road sign in front of me - Juillet Avenue, which was still in the old part of the neighborhood.
    • He tried to read the road sign, half covered with snow.
    • In studying the theory test, I had to absorb a lot of road sign and driving theory vocabulary.
    • Well-maintained bicycle paths complete with road signs and traffic lights connect towns and cities, often running parallel to rural highways.
    • He pointed to a road sign coming up in front of us.
    • If you visit, you will notice that most shop-fronts, road signs, bus routes, etc. are in English.