Traducción de roadholding en Español:


agarre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈroʊdˌhoʊldɪŋ//ˈrəʊdhəʊldɪŋ/



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    agarre masculino
    • The handling and roadholding are excellent, with a chassis that has been properly stiffened, while some real gems have been found in the Ford parts bin.
    • A strict two-seater, with the engine mounted behind the seats, the MR2 is a joy to drive as its handling and roadholding are beyond reproach.
    • The RX - 8 is fitted with a dynamic stability system and this is very discreet in operation, allowing an experienced driver to enjoy the car's roadholding and handling without having the experience cut short.
    • Naturally enough, the handling and roadholding are different from those of the lighter, front wheel drive version.
    • Despite its unusual construction and the additional mass of batteries under the boot floor, the Prius has handling and roadholding at the upper end of its class.
    • In the dynamic mix that goes to make up handling, roadholding and comfort, the Vectra comes very close to the ideal.
    • Dynamics have not been neglected, however, and handling and roadholding are safe and surefooted, thanks in no small part to the stiffer body construction.
    • This means a truly superb ride on all surfaces and handling and roadholding of the highest order.
    • Reports from Britain give the car high praise for its handling and roadholding.
    • The A4 has a completely new chassis and this endows the car with a fine blend of handling, roadholding and ride.
    • Handling, roadholding and passenger comfort were good on smooth Italian roads.
    • Dynamically, the latest generation 3 Series is a safe-as-houses car, and most owners will never come anywhere near testing its limits of handling and roadholding.
    • The sensitivity of the suspension also affects handling and roadholding.
    • Handling and roadholding have been improved, so those put off by the old car's slightly soft responses will find the new one more appealing.
    • Sharp steering and ever dependable handling and roadholding complete a very desirable picture.
    • The strong chassis ensures that the car feels very solid on even the poorest road surfaces and this is reflected in reliable, vice-free handling and roadholding.
    • The bonus is excellent handling and roadholding, with great steering responses and that uncanny ability to make a series of bends seem like a straight road.
    • Outstanding roadholding, superb chassis balance and strong brakes put this car in the same league as the top-of-the-range Alfas.
    • Handling and roadholding are excellent and, should things show any sign of getting out of hand, a plethora of electronic aids will come to the rescue.
    • On the other hand, handling and roadholding are of the very highest order, so a prospective owner must sort out his or her priorities.