Traducción de roadmap en Español:


mapa de carreteras, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrəʊdmap//ˈroʊdmæp/


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    mapa de carreteras masculino
    • ‘It's like having a road map with street signs; you know exactly where you're going,’ says Lee, who works with Reddy and Silva on the recombinant vaccines.
    • Although MCAAP is not a secret facility - it shows up on road maps and has a public Web site - it is a closed facility, run by the Army, its workers civilian employees of the Army.
    • Rodriguez, who is known for his handmade road maps that decoratively combine a variety of maps, documented four trips.
    • Mustsees begin with Janine Davidson's series of panels of paper embossed with road maps of Johannesburg and decorated with floating gold thread.
    • By 2004, 85 per cent of all new cars will be installed with computer systems that will provide their driver with road maps, or call for help on sudden impact.
    • He carries a recorder in the car and road maps.
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    (peace plan)
    hoja de ruta femenino
    • All the things that IT is used to, like support documentation, reliability, road maps - none of that exists for open source when you start moving beyond a single component.
    • The computer-controlled system is operated from a workstation that shows what valves are open, which lines and freezers are running a virtual road map for production.
    • The PR plan serves as a road map, not only to tell us where we agree we're going, but to evaluate progress along the way.
    • And as regulatory approval is obtained, executives will be freer to share the data they have on product road maps, synergies, and cost-savings.
    • Product road maps and branding plans are among the first items on the agenda, according to the memo.
    • We established country-specific road maps of what's necessary to improve the situation of each individual country.
    • Using ethanol as an example, here is a road map to launching an added-value venture.
    • But each independent team is a profit-and-loss center with the autonomy to create its own business model, conduct its own advanced R&D and marketing, and draft its own product road maps.
    • Its projects range from investigating new markets for Fortune 500 companies to reformulating the business road maps of failing start-ups.
    • The executives promised that the new technology would revolutionize the sales cycle by analyzing trends and providing road maps to bigger and better sales results.
    • Much money also is saved by having a good set of contract documents - a clear road map for construction.
    • It is also helpful that a number of industries already have road maps indicating how they intend to move towards these objectives.
    • Indie films supply a road map of what to avoid, what mistakes not to make.
    • He is particularly impressed with the way the company involves customers in its future product road maps through its Customer Council.