Traducción de robber baron en Español:

robber baron


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    capitalista inescrupuloso de finales del siglo XIX en EEUU
    • He has set up a $22 billion foundation, in part to rescue his reputation from the charge that he is a modern-day robber baron.
    • Great fortunes have usually been built by industrial tycoons, sometimes known as robber barons.
    • Henry Huttleston Rogers, a well-known robber baron who made millions as a vice president of Standard Oil, bought Atlas Tack and brought it to Fairhaven in 1901.
    • The company may be taken over by a robber baron such as Maxwell who clears out the pension fund for his own personal gain.
    • The reality is that if you monopolists would stop thinking like the robber barons of old and start thinking like the entrepreneurs of today, you would encounter another path.