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rocket science



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    it's scarcely rocket science no hay que ser un genio para entenderlo (or usarlo etc)
    • What Rex said has helped ground me in thinking that this really is not rocket science, it's basic business practices.
    • But successfully developing and launching a co-op - while not rocket science - can be complex and daunting for those who have never been through the process.
    • What you need to understand is that creating and running a new business is not rocket science; there is a way to do it than can minimize the risks involved.
    • This isn't rocket science, but neither should it be.
    • It was hardly rocket science, but it made us realize that what matters is what the customer wants to buy.
    • It's not rocket science to find a balanced panel.
    • After all it's rock 'n' roll, not rocket science.
    • The chord changes aren't rocket science, but the rhythms are fast and the fills are rare, quick and poisonous.
    • ‘Leadership has never been rocket science,’ he said.
    • Setting up on your own isn't rocket science, but it does take nerve and an injection of capital to get you rolling.
    • It's not exactly rocket science, but it's surprising how hard it is to maintain this discipline - and how many people have failed to do so.
    • We can't ask for rocket science, but comedy is always better wound up and tight versus aimless.
    • Targeting elevator ads to the location, time of day, and audience is not rocket science, notes the head of the multicultural marketing agency.
    • This isn't rocket science; if something's wrong, make it right.
    • Organic weed control is not rocket science, but it does take understanding the anatomy and physiology of the crop plants, the weeds and the soil.
    • It may not have been cinematic rocket science, but the film-makers always gave fans what they wanted.
    • Her self-imposed mission is to find her mother's estranged brother, and it doesn't take rocket science to see where the two narratives converge.
    • This isn't rocket science, observes the analyst.
    • The CEO said that the Internet isn't exactly rocket science.
    • While this may sound revolutionary, it isn't rocket science, nor is it exactly new news.