Traducción de rodeo en Español:


rodeo, n.

Pronunciación /roʊˈdeɪoʊ//rə(ʊ)ˈdeɪəʊ//ˈroʊdiˌoʊ//ˈrəʊdɪəʊ/

nombrePlural rodeos

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    rodeo masculino
    • Set against the sweeping vistas of Wyoming and Texas, it is the story of a range-hand and a rodeo cowboy who meet in the summer of 1963 and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection.
    • He is a motherless boy with an irresponsible alcoholic father, a fading rodeo star, who has trouble holding down a job and keeping the household together.
    • The portraits - one depicting a black female rodeo rider, the other a white male steer wrestler - are, at 20 by 16 inches each, modest in scale.
    • Even at the rodeo, I would paint the guys before or after, but not on the bulls.
    • All of his movies seem to be the same, except for that one where he wore a cowboy hat and they tried to rope and hogtie him at the rodeo.
    • Sometimes, after rodeos, he would sing country songs at the dances.
    • The catalyst for the piece, as Carlson instructed us in advance, was a spell of aphasia resulting from an accident she sustained while studying rodeo skills.
    • Jane smiled to herself as she walked back into Ty's room; she couldn't wait to go to the rodeos with him.
    • The electric bull gives city folk the means to live out their rodeo aspirations.
    • I'm doing a college paper on rodeos, more specifically Saddle Bronc Riding, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about it?
    • In Fort Worth horses evoke rodeo and Baltimore is home to the Preakness Stakes, one of the races that make up the triple crown.
    • It didn't help his ego that Ty was doing better than him in the rodeos this year.
    • They had a ranch there, and put on rodeos for the public as well.
    • May, who lives in a seedy motel on the edge of the Mojave Desert, has for years conducted an illicit affair with a rodeo cowboy named Eddie.
    • An electrical engineer in Florida, he has participated in competitive rodeos since age 10.
    • Cade was moving towards the squeeze chute that restrained the cow while the injection was given, the same contraption Erin had seen rodeos use when cowboys mounted the steers.
    • Once out west, the bus makes a scheduled stop in Fairfield where the annual rodeo is in progress.
    • Romantic comedies rank near the bottom of my list of entertainment preferences, just above professional wrestling and rodeo.
    • Jane thought, amazed, that there honestly wasn't one thing about rodeos she didn't find absolutely entertaining.
    • I worked with horses, broke the young ones, rode in the rodeos.