Traducción de roller bearing en Español:

roller bearing

cojinete de rodillos, n.


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    cojinete de rodillos masculino
    rulemán masculino Río de la Plata
    • The sectors that recorded excellent sales growth include auto components, ball and roller bearings, refractories industrial valves, cars, utility vehicles, air conditioners and tractors.
    • The roller bearing is there to prevent the round from shifting forward in the magazine.
    • The leveling system is constructed with massive pins, tapered roller bearings and thick steel plate.
    • Instead, it is housed by two sets of roller bearings and two sets of ball bearings that are adjustable and serviceable by the user.
    • Oversized roller bearings and sealed cartridge bearings keep the bike rolling smooth.
    • The cases also use roller bearings instead of babbitt bearings, which are found in most automotive applications.
    • Many bearings look very similar, whether they are ball bearings, roller bearings or other bearings.
    • The use of roller bearings eliminates the necessity of using heavy, slow acting, cumbersome and dangerous counterweights.
    • With a roller bearing instead of having a contact point that is only a spot, you have an entire strip running along the width of the bearing.
    • Each slider that the needle roller bearings run on is measured exactly for the face it contacts.