Traducción de roller coaster en Español:

roller coaster

montaña rusa, n.


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    montaña rusa femenino
    • Jimmy and I liked fast rides like the roller coaster.
    • There is a rather run-down amusement park with roller-coasters, a tower restaurant, and a dolphinarium presently under reconstruction.
    • Their feet out in front of them, silhouetted against the twilight sky, travelling from one end of the park to the other, looking down at roller-coasters and parked cars.
    • But we rode a roller coaster in Toronto with her on the fairgrounds after the show.
    • She stood outside beside the exit door, and watched the rows of television screens displaying pictures of the roller coaster ride.
    • Watching a video of a roller coaster ride will never bring on the same sense of vertigo as the real deal.
    • It was like riding a roller coaster in the dark, only without seatbelts or a track.
    • They rode a roller coaster, ate ice cream, and played games.
    • She threw up after riding on a roller coaster five times.
    • My heart gave a little flutter and my stomach dropped like I was going down a steep hill on a roller coaster, or over train tracks in the car.
    • It felt like when you're riding a really fast roller coaster, only a hundred times worse.
    • In the neutral condition, he chose the video clip depicting the roller coaster ride.
    • Instead of your kids getting sick on the roller-coasters, they can involve themselves in their possible future careers.
    • Currently there are well over 1,000 members worldwide who share the same dedication and enthusiasm for roller-coasters.
    • DisneySea offers booze, a hair-raising roller coaster ride in a mock Incan temple, and an on-site spa.
    • Do you go to an amusement park with your five friends in order to watch one friend ride the roller coaster?
    • The fireball rammed into the roller coaster car and the whole part of the roller coaster track and the car blew up.
    • You fancy some shooting, or a ride in the roller coaster.
    • Notwithstanding, I learned a thing or two from the roller-coaster operator.
    • Unlike the roller coaster ride from the night before, our drive to his father's house wasn't nearly as long.