Traducción de rolling mill en Español:

rolling mill

Pronunciación ///ˈroʊlɪŋ ˌmɪl/


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    taller de laminado de metal masculino
    • It is a world leader in the field of high-pressure vessels and has produced equipment for steel rolling mills, bridges, dock gates and a maintenance life system.
    • He also disclosed that talks are underway on a special steel section rolling mill and a processor for roofing and cladding.
    • Continuous rolling mills can be classified according to the arrangement of stands or passes.
    • He took the opportunity the see how a former rolling mill had been transformed to fit in with 21st century industry.
    • It makes a profit and will continue to do so with only minor updates to its antiquated blast furnaces and rolling mills.
    • When I came out, I wasn't qualified for anything, so I went to work in the rolling mills.
    • However, they usually have high concentrations of expensive alloying elements and must be subjected to large deformations, which impose heavy workloads on rolling mills.
    • Sheet produced from slabs on continuous rolling mills is coiled directly off the mill.
    • The bar, direct from the casting wheel is reduced 98.6% to 0.7 cm in a 13 stand rolling mill.
    • During the due diligence process, the manager of a rolling mill gave a wildly optimistic assessment of the unit's capacity.
    • The metals, in appropriate composition, are melted in furnaces, cast into ingots and passed through rolling mills to reduce them into strips.
    • The blades were made by rolling steel through a precision rolling mill, which gradually reduced the thickness of the steel to five thousandths of an inch.
    • Its furnaces and rolling mills are operating at 68% of capacity, while its average sales price has fallen 4% in the past year.
    • Men who work in steel mills, blast furnaces, rolling mills, or other environments of intense heat have a slightly increased incidence of breast cancer (probably due to thermal suppression of androgen production).
    • The integrated iron and steel mill is an integration of direct reduction steel-making and rolling mill technologies into one plant.
    • Later the thinness of the sheet was improved by using water-powered trip hammers, and by the 19th Century sheets of copper were made by steam power and rolling mills.