Traducción de rollmop en Español:


filete de arenque encurtido, n.

(rollmop herring)

Pronunciación /ˈroʊlˌmɑp//ˈrəʊlmɒp/


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    filete de arenque encurtido
    • Gram for gram I ate more smoked salmon than almost anything else, hotly followed by rollmop herrings at 7.3kg.
    • This recipe is a nice way of doing something different, a bit like pickled rollmops, but nowhere near as intense.
    • One of their most popular innovations has been the creation of Scottish tapas: a platter that allows tourists to sample delicacies such as haggis, smoked venison and herring rollmops, without committing to a full meal.
    • In the end, I went for the fish plate of smoked salmon, prawns, gravadlax, rollmop herrings and smoked mackerel for €14.95, which was served with more tasty bread.
    • Since then, it's been pretty quiet - a silence broken only by the glurp associated with necking rollmop herrings, followed by interminable choruses of ‘Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen, Salty Old Queen of the Sea.’
    • He comprehensively describes many other ways communities have presented the ‘silver darling’ - marinating, rollmop, Bismarck to name a few.
    • Try it stirred into soured cream next time you buy rollmops.
    • They often call it zaviná which is a rolled-up herring or rollmop.
    • It was my fault I followed rollmops with an old-fashioned ham salad with pickled beetroot and onions.
    • When the mood strikes me, I can eat an embarrassingly large number of dillpickles or rollmops, even a bag of pretzels in a sitting, or more olives than I should.