Traducción de romaine en Español:


Pronunciación /roʊˈmeɪn//rə(ʊ)ˈmeɪn/



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    romaine lettuce lechuga romana femenino
    • Rina stabbed some romaine lettuce with her fork.
    • Start with dark-green lettuce (such as romaine or red leaf), and choose vine-ripened tomatoes for the most flavor.
    • Determined chefs go out of their way to find the freshest, most tender heads of romaine lettuce available.
    • We were pleasantly surprised: the romaine was crisp and cold, the dressing light and tangy.
    • These assortments of easy-to-use greens include small, colorful favorites like romaine and green leaf lettuce and radicchio.
    • But spinach is as close as most people get to dark leafy greens, and some never get beyond romaine lettuce.
    • The romaine doesn't conflict with the other ingredients, as it's a very subtle-tasting green.
    • A slick of house-made dressing over crisp romaine balances fragrant garlic and anchovies with the tang of lemon.
    • He had made a light salad of romaine lettuce, almond slivers and raisins in a wine vinegar dressing to start.
    • Even a romaine wedge arrives in interesting form, its blue cheese dressing set off by cucumbers topped with a jalapeño-pickled olive relish.
    • Meanwhile, rip up the romaine lettuce into bite-size pieces and place in a large bowl.
    • Is romaine lettuce standard for a chef's salad?
    • Turn over a new leaf with romaine, radicchio, arugula, bok choy, watercress, frisée and mesclun (a mix of baby lettuce leaves) and mix them.
    • Even better, chow down on good sources of folate: spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, orange juice and green peas.
    • The Caesar salad was nice, with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and crisp garlicky croutons in a lemony vinaigrette.
    • Sturdy lettuces like romaine make great wraps, too, and there's no better filling than Korean barbecue.
    • The most colorful vegetables (spinach or romaine lettuce rather than iceberg, for example) pack the most punch.
    • The romaine was crisp and full of bite, the vinaigrette was tangy but not overpowering and the freshly shaved Parmesan bound it all together in perfect harmony.
    • Place the romaine lettuce, avocado, cabbage, onion rings and chicken in a large bowl and toss all ingredients to mix well.
    • It doesn't take much to turn a head of romaine or a prepacked bag of greens into a gourmet first course.