Traducción de romanize en Español:


romanizar, v.


Pronunciación /ˈroʊməˌnaɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (make like Romans)
    • They became largely Romanized and for hundreds of years their legions bravely defended the empire.
    • Britain was a thoroughly Romanized province, or at least the southern portions were.
    • Even in rural settlements which show few signs of Romanized architecture, imported pottery and glass, coins, Roman-style jewellery, and occasional Latin graffiti are found.
    • There were certain areas east of the Rhine and north of the Danube that had Roman colonies, but the territory never was Romanized in the thorough fashion that Britain was.
    • The numbers of Romans were never great, but the indigenous upper classes became Romanized and spoke Latin.
    • But then Rome grew weak, then Rome failed to adapt to changes in military technology, then Rome stopped Romanizing the barbarians.
  • 2

    transcribir una lengua usando el alfabeto latino
    • But those who have already had their names Romanized using a different system needn't change the original spelling.
    • The Hawaiian alphabet was Romanized and first written by early missionaries.
    • The session focused on a massive undertaking by American libraries to convert to the pinyin system of romanizing the Chinese language.
    • How can students be expected to compete in the international marketplace when they don't even know the accepted standard for romanizing their own language?
    • A new kind of literacy in Javanese also came into being, characterised by the use of a Romanised script, writing in prose and use of colloquial language in newspapers and modern literary genres.
    • So I got into university knowing only the Romanized syllabary.
    • The only solution would be for the Thai government to establish fixed rules how the native written language is to be Romanized.
    • Do you think there are Japanese kids (or Chinese, Korean, whatever) going out into the world who don't know how to Romanize everything they can say?
    • Is the Urdu that you have used in Pakistan the Urdu of the traditional script, or the Urdu of the Romanised script?
    • Pinyin is the Romanized Chinese phonetic system and is the most effective aid to learning Mandarin today.