Hay 2 traducciones principales de romantic en Español

: romantic1romantic2


romántico, adj.

Pronunciación /roʊˈmæn(t)ɪk//rə(ʊ)ˈmantɪk/


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    • 1.1(sentimental)

      you're not very romantic no eres muy romántico
      • As an historian - certainly as a woman - she had not the slightest romantic illusions about the realities of human life during the long childhood of the species.
      • At the same time, he has no romantic illusions about mobsters.
      • The sly hint is that this belongs - like so many 1960s attitudes - back in the romantic 1840s of an idealistic, bygone century.
      • Young clerks and farmers believed the romantic dream of the self-made man and refashioned themselves as rugged individualists armed and equipped for a fresh start in the frontier west.
      • I concluded that many historians and political scientists have an overly simple and romantic view of the political process.
      • When you view something in a romantic way, you're not really taking in the whole picture.
      • I appreciate your romantic view of things, but can you address the issues in the article?
      • Some seek to resurrect old systems of local government that may have had some utility in the past - in reality or in romantic imagination.
      • In contrast to liberty, equality is an almost intangible romantic dream, to be realized sometime in the future.
      • When she turns to poetry for children, there is a strain of romantic idealism as she suggests the beauty of uncrowded nature.
      • Nothing will bring a romantic dreamer down to reality faster than the bug, and every biting insect seems to visit us in turn.
      • But I'm struck by what seems to be a romantic view of the designer as the one who does the typography - as opposed to the one who has the idea.
      • These and other documentaries take the shape of his romantic worldview: idealised individuals try to overcome something or make order from chaos.
      • As in the other group portraits of children discussed above, the romantic view of childhood is a major theme of the latter work.
      • This is not only a romantic attitude, it is also a faith that good work will be responded to and rewarded somehow.
      • ‘So good to see that your romantic idealism hasn't faded,’ Noelle murmured.

    • 1.2(dashing, melodramatic)

      • He was an old romantic fool at heart, that one, and he believed in marriage as a legally binding and not even entirely necessary act between soul mates.
      • Nevertheless, James and Sylvia's connection counts as a love story, running as deep as any other romantic couple's, only in a different direction.
      • Oh god, I was turning into another romantic git.
      • He gave the impression of being a romantic rebel rather than a person of prime ministerial stature.
      • Really - because she's elegant and she's romantic and sophisticated and polished, and she loves fashion.
      • He struck me as a sincere and romantic person that hadn't had the chance to find love and instead had enjoyed the attention the women had lavished on him.
      • Mum used to say he was a very romantic person, but he may not have been in the family long, because he wasn't much of a fatherly person.
      • One sip and you know why romantic women fall in love with dark, pensive strangers.
      • It's just I would like to be a really romantic guy and if I'm going to devote myself to a girl, then I'm going to devote myself completely.

    • 1.3(idealized, unrealistic)

      she has a romantic view of the world tiene una idea romántica del mundo

  • 2also Romantic

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Hay 2 traducciones principales de romantic en Español

: romantic1romantic2


romántico, n.


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    (sb romantically inclined)
    romántico masculino
    romántica femenino
    • I'm trying to say that I didn't mean anything by saying girls are helpless romantics but it is true, mind you.
    • But who are the romantics out there who believe true love can survive in the face of the new social construct of independence?
    • ‘We were considered the clowns, the dreamers, the romantics,’ he adds.
    • And so we both call ourselves hopeless romantics and decided that that would be a perfect title for this album.
    • The realist - the cynic, if you will - knows that they're more likely to break your heart than transform your life - and that romantics are only destined to be forever disappointed.
    • True romantics have the right attitude; and use imagination to cultivate loving, sensual relationships.
    • The desert has inspired romantics for centuries and a dinner at sundown with the gentle breezes of the open desert, with just the stars and the setting sun for company is an experience.
    • This is a beautiful record for hopeless romantics and dreamers - don't let the cynics tell you otherwise.
    • ‘Despite society's best efforts - or perhaps because of them - most teenagers are romantics at heart,’ Anne replied calmly.
  • 2also Romantic

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    romántico masculino
    romántica femenino