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Pronunciación /ruː//ru/


inglés de Australia

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    • The humaneness of non-commercial roo shooting has come under fire this week.
    • We began by putting up a high fence, to keep out the roos and the emus and the goats.
    • I said, No, I used to, we used to shoot rabbits and roos and stuff, but we haven't been, it's just the target shooting.
    • The Australian government has declared open season on roos.
    • Unfortunately quite a few were killed by vehicles but if grazing had been effective on neighbouring paddocks, many of the roos would have been saved.
    • Meanwhile, however, as they cleared the land and created and improved watering places for livestock, the settlers enabled the roos to multiply exponentially.
    • In much the same way that steers yield far better meat than cows in beef cattle, young male roos make the best eating.
    • She says once she was driving through a National Park and recognised one of the roos to be Jack, a joey she'd reared years earlier.
    • He recalls in 1955 and 1956 it was very wet and the truck he'd use for roo shooting would get bogged, so in 1957 he was only rabbit trapping.
    • But he used to bring me any joeys, he was very careful what roos he shot, mostly the bucks, but if he shot a doe and it had a joey, he would bring that to me.