Traducción de roof en Español:


tejado, n.

Pronunciación /ruf//rʊf//ruːf/

nombrePlural roofs

  • 1

    (of building)
    tejado masculino
    techo masculino América Latina
    while you're under my roof, you'll do as I say mientras vivas en mi casa harás lo que yo diga
    • they found it impossible to live under the same roof no podían vivir bajo el mismo techo
    • to go through/hit the roof ponerse furioso
    • she almost went through the roof casi / por poco explota
    • roof restaurant restaurante panorámico
    • Her mother stumbled and fell against a wall, and the movement brought down a weakened timber from the roof.
    • Beyond the house was what appeared to be a tiny village, but was in fact a number of farm buildings with thatched roofs.
    • The aged timber cracked and the roof began to give way, spraying us with a shower of dirt and small debris.
    • Unplanned expenses over the last few years for a new roof, replacement gutters, and new carpeting have stretched them to the limit.
    • Burnt roof timbers beneath the collapsed tiles show it was destroyed in a fire.
    • She peered down the side of the building to see the roof of another structure less than five or six feet below.
    • The tiered seating is protected with a cantilevered roof structure that hovers over the stadium.
    • Houses in villages are commonly rectangular, and are dried mud, bamboo, or red brick structures with thatch roofs.
    • A boat was speeding along the rather rough seas, a heavy storm beating down over the roof of the vehicle.
    • Many of the buildings have lost their thatched roofs or have had them replaced by crude sheets of corrugated iron.
    • Four- and five-story structures with terra-cotta roofs and numerous balconies soon appear.
    • The missionaries introduced the burnt brick, used to build into square structures, while the colonists built wood-frame structures with metal roofs.
    • In this area, most roofs are covered with asphalt shingles.
    • Rural houses usually are built of traditional materials and are open-sided rectangular structures with thatched roofs and raised floors.
    • Their thatch roofs start with a log frame, followed by thin bamboo, leaves, and, finally, grass.
  • 2

    (of car)
    techo masculino
  • 3

    (of cave, tunnel)
    techo masculino
    • These are special liners on the sides and sometimes the roof and back of an oven, which are treated with a material that absorbs those greasy splashes.
  • 4

    the roof of the mouth el paladar

verbo transitivoroofs

  • 1

    a house roofed with / in slate una casa con techo de pizarra América Latina