Traducción de rope en español:


cuerda, n.

Pronunciación: /roʊp//rəʊp/


  • 1

    cuerda femenino
    soga femenino
    Marina cabo masculino
    a rope of climbers una cordada
    • (hanging) the rope la horca
    • a rope of pearls un collar de perlas de varias vueltas entrelazadas
    • give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves déjalos hacer lo que quieran y ya verás cómo se cavan su propia fosa
    • to be on the ropes estar contra las cuerdas
    • to show sb/know the ropes
    • Mike will show you the ropes Mike te enseñará cómo funciona todo
    • ask Helen, she knows the ropes pregúntale a Helen, que está muy al tanto de todo
    • It was being pulleyed by several cords of thick rope overhead.
    • A single strand of grass is easy to break, but if you weave enough of it together, you can get a nice, strong length of rope.
    • I tried to move my limbs only to find them restrained by what felt like thick strands of rope.
    • My eyes came to rest on a long strand of thick hemp rope, slightly frazzled but still in one piece.
    • The fibers are twisted into ropes and sprayed with natural latex, which increases their elasticity.
    • Looming above was a great black ship, tethered to the inlet by several thick ropes disappearing into the deep, dark water.
    • He pulled out a small length of thin nylon rope and a knife.
    • He had noticed that the thick sisal rope which had snapped had been cut halfway through with a sharp instrument, probably a knife.
    • They were linked by a great length of rope modestly coiled at both ends of the row.
    • Together, with Steve hauling on the rope and him climbing, he made it to the top of the cliff.
    • He stood up with about a two-foot length of hefty hemp rope in his hands.
    • She nodded, and tiptoed to pull a length of thick rope from the back of the cart.

verbo transitivo

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    the climbers roped themselves together los escaladores formaron una cordada
  • 2EEUU

    (cattle/steer) enlazar
    (cattle/steer) lazar México
    (steer/cattle) lacear Chile