Traducción de ropy en Español:



Pronunciación /ˈroʊpi//ˈrəʊpi/

adjetivoropier, ropiest


  • 1

    I feel a bit ropy today hoy me siento bastante mal
    • the wine was very ropy el vino era muy malo
    • he gave the same ropy old excuse salió con la misma excusa burda de siempre
    • Unfortunately, I was feeling too ropy to make my weekly journey to Arran and I definitely feel the worse for not having gone.
    • I've been struck down - like almost everyone else I know - with the norovirus, although it took me till Saturday morning to work out why I was feeling so ropey.
    • I had managed to have a shave the night before, but still felt pretty ropey, so I decided to get something to eat.
    • ‘I felt ropey on the first lap,’ Radcliffe said, who had suffered a knee injury last week.
    • So my sister has chickenpox and I'm feeling a bit ropey myself - could I be going down with it too?
    • Put it this way: I've had the best New Years Eve out for many a year, and still feel ropey 24 hours later!
    • By Wednesday I was feeling ropey.