Traducción de rota en Español:


lista (de turnos), n.

Pronunciación /ˈroʊdə//ˈrəʊtə/



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    lista (de turnos) femenino
    we have a dishwashing rota in our house en casa nos turnamos para lavar los platos
    • The rota was a print out of the weekly schedule fastened to a clipboard.
    • Something as bourgeois as kitchen rotas should not be considered worthy of discussion and yet what alternative lifestyle hasn't floundered on the rocks of human frailty?
    • And we can share on-call rotas in private practice.
    • Their service to the king was performed on a rota and they would accompany him everywhere, both as bodyguards and lesser officials.
    • We believe that one reason for this is the failure of many units to ensure that out of hours emergency rotas exist for such patients.
    • In rural areas this may also mean organising a rota so that he or she may attend services in the various villages that they serve.
    • Many people find rotas a useful way of avoiding housework battles.
    • He isn't following the rota he taped to the fridge last week.
    • The post was found hours later by a dog owner and police traced the temporary worker from staff rotas at the sorting office.
    • I will of course provide you with a map that will guide you to the high valleys, and a guard Rota so you know when to attack and have the most time before you are discovered.
    • We also had grave doubts about the accuracy and authenticity of the rotas produced for each home, and disclosed late in the proceedings.
    • The archaeologists had moved a caravan into the field and organized a rota of guards to make sure that sneak thieves would not be able to loot the site under their noses.
    • The review will look at the different ways in which the public can access services, including GP cooperatives, commercial services, and practice rotas.
    • I checked the rota to see whose turn it was to scavenge, to my surprise it wasn't me for once.
    • I was wondering if you could give me a copy of the volunteer's rota.
    • Farmers have a complex, set rota based on the calendar.
    • By the start of the following year, they were sleeping in separate rooms and using the bathroom and kitchen at different times on a rota.
    • On the negative side, the directive has resulted in unsocial shifts and yet another tier of bureaucracy to ensure that rotas are compliant.
    • Rural general practitioners have been moving practices to avoid the stresses of small rotas for care outside normal working hours.
    • Rachel insisted it was Ailsa's turn, and vice versa, until Rebecca told them to shut up and go downstairs to check the rota.