Traducción de rouge en Español:


colorete, n.

Pronunciación /ruʒ//ruːʒ/


  • 1

    colorete masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cheeks/face) ponerse colorete en
    • Arriving fully dressed, she pauses to put on lipstick and rouge up her cheeks.
    • Her slightly rouged cheeks flushed and her soft skin was covered with goosebumps.
    • Her cheeks were rouged and her hair dyed a wine color, making her intense blue eyes stand out vividly.
    • His cheeks had such a blush to them that I wondered idly whether he'd rouged them a bit.
    • And finally, in each, the palest cream complexion is dramatically offset by the feverishly high color of expansively rouged cheeks.
    • They flirted with us shamelessly yet innocently and when we left insisted we kissed their heavily rouged and powdered cheeks.
    • Her high cheekbones were rouged subtly, as were her perfectly formed lips.
    • Finally, feeling like more like a doll than a real person with her face powdered and cheeks rouged, Katherine was ushered into the hallway.
    • I fought back the tears that were threatening to cascade down my rouged cheeks and the words of greeting I had so carefully crafted were choked as they sputtered from my mouth.
    • She heard Jem's description of their heavily rouged faces covered with pearl powder, a practice she erroneously supposed was learned ‘from the Indians.’
    • A squat, rouged woman with rotten front teeth opened the door.
    • She tossed her blond hair away from her heavily rouged cheeks.
    • White-faced and heavily rouged, she rests on a chaise-longue in front of a large ornate looking-glass.
    • Mac put a heavy hand on her shoulder and pushed her aside to allow Jon to stoop in the doorway and lay a girlish kiss on the girl's badly rouged cheek.
    • My cheeks were rouged to look flushed and my eyes made up for a doe-eyed look.
    • Rouging her cheeks, Annabelle looked in the mirror and her reflection satisfied her.
    • Elagabalus painted his eyes and rouged his cheeks, openly referred to this or that lover as his husband, and allegedly even stood in doorways, shaking the curtains as a harlot would.
    • The woman who would be ‘evaluating’ me was a middle-aged, plump woman with rouged cheeks, and heavily outlined dark eyes, and a head of brown curls.