Traducción de rough and tumble en Español:

rough and tumble

Pronunciación /rəf ænd ˈtəmbəl///


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    kids enjoy a bit of rough and tumble a los niños les gustan los juegos bruscos
    • the rough and tumble of politics el turbulento mundo de la política
    • Vulnerability is nice in the confines of a lover's bed, or a partner's heart, but in the rough-and-tumble world of capitalistic corruption, it's the most lethal of Achilles heels.
    • I rarely wore my shirts tucked into my breeches, but for the rough and tumble training I was doing, it had become necessary.
    • Through the rough and tumble streets of Los Angeles, Crowe begins to hunt down Duke's ring of thugs and drug dealers in a furious rage or revenge!
    • Now, almost a year after leaving Leinster House, he does not miss the rough and tumble of politics.
    • The nascent political order taking shape in the country also has a rough-and-tumble feel.
    • The rough and tumble isn't just restricted to the marketplace.
    • I smiled and extended my hand; she gave me a big bear hug, slapping my back like a rough-and-tumble uncle.
    • A horse that is too small does not have the scope to deal with the rough and tumble of jumping over fences.
    • Now the auto manufacturer is faced with a pivotal decision - how can it extend into mainstream SUV territory without losing its rough and tumble image?
    • Newsgirls were to be found, but young females generally enjoyed fewer opportunities within the rough-and-tumble street culture milieu.
    • The boat was 14 feet long and it's clearly a boat for a lake not a rough and tumble area like the Berkeley Bay.
    • The best of the landscapes meld nature's rough and tumble with the rough and tumble of the paint to rich effect.
    • Clearly the formal setting was no inhibition to the rough and tumble of family life.
    • He was a partier, a rough-and-tumble kid who didn't care what the consequences were as long as he got what he wanted.
    • In the rough and tumble world of Mother Nature, those with natural advantages survive and grow.
    • One paradox of Spanish influence is that it could inspire not only a rough-and-tumble appreciation of reality but also an art-for-art's-sake aestheticism.
    • What was then novel quickly turned into relentless attempts to create tension through marrying her fussy vocals with the rough-and-tumble textures of rap.
    • Some bands get by on a rough and tumble sound; their lack of polish having the same effect as mold does on some foods: an unintended flavor.
    • Certain sequences show some signs of damage and wear, but this goes with the rough-and-tumble style of the film.
    • He examines the rough-and-tumble world of Chicago party politics, where labor organizations were but one group of players.