Traducción de round robin en Español:

round robin


  • 1

    (petition, protest)
    petición o protesta colectiva en la cual los nombres de los firmantes forman un círculo
    • We don't want round robins, we want the letters to be personal letters saying why the decision over Metrolink is bad news for you, for your business, your family or your job.
  • 2

    (circular, memo)
    circular femenino
  • 3EEUU

    (en el que cada participante se enfrenta con cada uno de los demás) torneo masculino
    • These were run as round robins, in which each competitor wrestled all the other competitors in their division.
    • For some reason the organizers have again kept the tradition with a seven-player field in the double round-robin tournament.
    • A round-robin event that pits 16 fighters against one another in a winner take all match-up, it's a quick way to change identities and meet a couple of random opponents to win a belt.
    • This year's event will be a six-player double round-robin.
    • The Tennis Challenge - a round-robin, doubles competition - caters to players of all levels.
    • He decided to ‘do something about it,’ by organizing a Category 10 round-robin tournament at the famed Marshall Chess Club in New York.
    • There will be round robins in each pool, with the winners playing each other for 1st place and the losers playing each other for 7th place.
    • The play is round-robin, with all points being worth two after all teams have played once.
    • We're not talking about an open tournament here, we're discussing an elite round robin event consisting of all the world's finest players.
    • This is to be expected when six top players prepare in-depth for each other in this double round robin event, regarded as the ‘Wimbledon of Chess’.
    • When the roads were snowed over and street hockey was out of the question we played this from dawn to dusk in massive round-robin tournaments.
    • After that, there's tennis aerobics and yoga, exhibition matches and round robins.
    • Slick Swiss syndicate Alinghi finished first after the round robins and will sail defending Louis Vuitton Cup challengers champions Prada of Italy in the quarter-finals.
    • Throw in all the illegal bets made with bookies and on private wagers, and it adds up to an estimated $4.5 billion laid out on the annual round robin.
    • Because we consider only round-robin matches, and thus omit semi-finals and finals, there are no constrained observations in the sample.
    • My opponent, the defending champion, was the top-rated player and I was number two in the 6-player round robin.
    • The challengers series begins next Tuesday with two round robins involving all nine challengers, where each win is one point.
    • To capture changes in interest over the course of the competition, the variable SEAS is defined as the number of games left in round-robin play.
    • We found ourselves frustrated by the wide range of skill levels all thrown into one round-robin tournament.
    • He suffered an initial setback in his quest to wrest the crown from the Soviets when he came fourth with a final score of 14/27 in the quadruple round-robin tournament.