Traducción de Round Table en Español:

Round Table


  • 1

    (of King Arthur)
    the Round Table (del Rey Arturo) la Mesa Redonda
  • 2

    club social para profesionales jóvenes que promueven obras benéficas, organizan actividades sociales etc
  • 3round table

    (forum for discussion)
    mesa redonda femenino
    before noun round-table discussion mesa redonda femenino
    • ‘I want to make sure that our dollars go to reward companies that create jobs here at home,’ he told an election round-table last week.
    • The Polish Jaruzelski government had entered into round-table talks with Solidarity leader Lech Wasa and the Catholic Church in February 1989.
    • The second step includes a round-table discussion and review of the current clinical management and practice.
    • In a round-table setting, the researcher facilitated the three discussion sessions.
    • Indeed, the makers of this maddeningly ambiguous new film spend most of this round-table interview avoiding any discussion of its contents.
    • The round-table discussion abruptly ended when Daisy's camera began to move.
    • That program brings teachers together for round-table discussions in select cities.
    • His study of emerging managerial competences involved senior executives, twenty of whom participated in a round-table forum.
    • Topics include marketing, public relations, staff recruitment, and round-table discussions for experienced and first-time supervisors.
    • The opening is preceded by a round-table discussion at 3 p.m. and the exhibition runs until July 24.
    • In the field of corporate strategy, which some might call corporate shenanigans, the experience curve always figures quite highly in any round-table discussions.
    • In addition, a roster of museum professionals attended the event and participated as lecturers and panelists in a round-table discussion during the lecture series.
    • Clad in homespun clothes, Gandhi once attended a round-table conference in London, where he brought along with him a milch goat to symbolise the self-sufficiency of the Indian people.
    • Dr. Smith, who has always offered us wise counsel and a friendly smile, earned a special place at our editors' round-table and in our hearts as well.
    • Tellingly, none of the round-table's participants is able to answer.
    • This debate is not a round-table among rational people who respect each other.
    • Regularly scheduled round-table discussion groups allow business owners to get together to analyze problems, successes and areas of concern for their businesses.
    • As I mentioned in this article, I attended a round-table debate on the future of UK Internet businesses yesterday.
    • The fest features six cabaret shows designed by general and artistic director D. Kimm, and numerous open mics and round-table discussions.
    • The conversations were intense and spectacular, charged with the unspoken understanding that the round-table meetings themselves were a kind of Utopia.