Traducción de rouse en Español:


despertar, v.

Pronunciación /raʊz//raʊz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (wake, stir)
    to rouse sb from / out of sth despertar a algn de algo
    • we tried to rouse him out of his sleep tratamos de despertarlo
    • When he rouses, she explains the whole situation to him, her actions, and about the fire.
    • He waited a few minutes to make sure his son didn't rouse then moved the book so that it lay on the bed beside him, within easy reach of Adam's hand.
    • When they roused in the morning, Cecilia had 15 angry messages on her cell phone.
    • Isabella roused from sleep what seemed like an eternity later, disturbed by something she could not identify.
    • He set his equipment beside the campfire, patted Tyler's head enough to make him just start to rouse, then flashed a wicked grin before moving to the shadows.
    • He roused from his sleep, being perfectly attentive the moment his eyes opened.
    • Her soldiers were sleeping and few were even rousing.
    • I wasn't sure if I was still dreaming or not, but as I slowly roused from the first peaceful slumber I'd had in a week, I felt a gentle hand caressing my hair.
    • Ryan roused as the sun beamed blearily through the gathered clouds over him, light in the early hours of dawn.
    • Miguel stirred and roused from sleep as the sound of footsteps echoed in the room and the lights came on.
    • The men roused from their sleep and prepared for battle in the early hours of the morning.
    • As Jamie secured the last of the bandages, Cale finally roused.
    • Harry wakes up weary, but rouses quickly and showers, resigned to being late for the day's meetings.
    • As he slowly stood up, Jeremy roused from his sleep.
    • He smiled wryly as she roused, and tried to struggle.
    • I roused from the sleep one of them had put me in and I immediately got up out of the silky sheets.
    • Bryan was sure it was after noon when he roused from sleep, or close to it.
    • Lily found him asleep, but he roused when she came in.
    • He still hadn't roused from his sleep, and she was getting worried.
    • As I roused from sleep again, my back stinging from sleeping on the floor, I heard footsteps on the stairs.
  • 2

    the lion is dangerous when roused el león es peligroso si se lo provoca
    • to rouse sb to sth
    • his speech roused the crowd to a frenzy su discurso enardeció / enfervorizó a la multitud
    • her constant teasing roused him to fury sus constantes burlas lo enfurecieron
    • his criticism roused me to action sus críticas me movieron a hacer algo
    • Ralph tries to rouse her out of her deep sleep, but the doctors tell him it would take a miracle to wake her.
    • And the cat glared back, plainly annoyed at being roused from its sound sleep.
    • ‘Mmm, no,’ I protested to whoever was shaking my shoulder gently, trying to rouse me from sleep.
    • Haskell, who has been sleeping in the front passenger's seat, cannot be roused and seems to be dead or at least unconscious.
    • Nick was roused from sleep with a jolt, his beeper sounding loudly next to him.
    • There, I roused Elroth and Rain, leading them both out.
    • A soft knock on the door barely roused Alex from his deep sleep.
    • The thick windows distorted the rays of the morning sun, but the light was still enough to rouse Jantha from her sleep.
    • Just about that time Jon emerged from the house bare foot and looking much like he had just been roused from sleep.
    • The deafening echo of gunfire roused Lourdes from her sleep.
    • On the other side of him, men, women, and children were rousing themselves from sleep and moving sluggishly to the fire to get warm.
    • A shaft of light moved across my eyes, rousing me from deep slumber.
    • Max called, rousing Miguel from the light sleep he had fallen into.
    • His blonde hair was still wet from the shower, so he shook cold droplets off onto Abbey's stomach, which immediately roused her from sleep.
    • When we visited his house, a national monument from the nineteenth century, the docent who let us in seemed to have been roused from a nap.
    • She didn't know what had roused her from her sleep, and she sat in bed thinking for a moment.
    • What sounded like a stampede of wild rhinoceroses roused her from her sleep.
    • The morning's first rays of sunlight flooded the tiny tower room, rousing Callista from her sleep.
    • A weak cry roused her just as she was nodding off to sleep.
    • Joe was roused from his sleep by Azara promptly jumping on the bed and pulling on his arm.