Traducción de royal en Español:


real, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɔɪ(ə)l//ˈrɔɪəl/


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    the royal assent la sanción real
    • the royal we el plural mayestático
    • The dramatic scenery has also attracted famous visitors over the years, including composer Edvard Grieg and members of Norway's royal family.
    • There wasn't a stiffness or an awkwardness, which there can be sometimes with other members of the royal family because you're so aware of protocol.
    • In addition to all this, they've had several members of the royal family, government officials and business leaders visiting from Thailand.
    • Altogether, 36 members of the royal family attended, including the princes William and Harry.
    • Boromo Trailokanat resolved the question of succession by ranking every member of the royal family in relation to the reigning monarch.
    • The royal couple greeted villagers after attending a church service this morning.
    • The fraud was discovered after two diamonds sold for $15 million to members of the Saudi royal family.
    • Factions formed around the heir to the throne and other members of the royal family as well as in the entourage of ministers.
    • The Queen is not the only member of the royal family to have personal flags.
    • State honors, generally reserved for members of the Nepalese royal family, were given to Babu Chhiri, who established at least two climbing records.
    • The play is about Anastasia Romanov, a member of the Russian royal family, after the fall of the Russian monarchy in 1918.
    • Legal experts said the couple could not marry in a civil ceremony in England because the 1836 Marriage Act bars members of the royal family from doing so.
    • Some 25 British Royals, as well as members of foreign royal families, were in attendance.
    • Prince Fahd was the third member of the Saudi royal family to die in just over a week.
    • After the service, blessing and reception the royal couple have spent this week on honeymoon on the Balmoral estate in Scotland.
    • He was the first member of the royal family to visit Siberia, where his encounter with the lives of convicts and exiles led to a certain improvement in their lot after he became tsar.
    • It is hoped a visit by a member of the royal family will take place on June 18.
    • The members of the royal family who are in line to the throne cannot take the chances that our children and grandchildren would take.
    • As well as the Queen Mother, the queen and her husband Prince Philip, most other members of the royal family are due to attend the funeral.
    • Only recently, he has been busy working on a large order for a member of the royal family, although a confidentiality clause prevents him from naming the client.
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    • The people of Tory Island and their King were treated to a royal welcome in Monasterevin last weekend.
    • When we arrived at the club we got somewhat of a royal welcome and were ushered inside to a table set for six.
    • His visit had been a big media event in the Gulf too and he was accorded a royal welcome at the Dubai airport.
    • This weekend bonanza got off to a flying start when the guests were welcomed in the royal traditional style, garlanded and saluted by elephants.
    • Certainly there was a royal quality to the servings - I struggled to finish them.
    • There is more to Rajasthan than just its royal splendour or amazing camel rides through never-ending sand dunes.
    • He ensured there were Tudor roses on the gowns of the staff and on the Tudor coloured counterpanes of the beds; the roof and stained glass windows were also of royal quality.
    • Fans, teachers and fellow students gave him a royal welcome as he returned for the start of the final year of his sports diploma at the college.
    • The wanderer received a royal welcome in Santa Barbara from his mother-in-law and such brothers- and sisters-in-law as were about.
  • 3EEUU coloquial

    (as intensifier) soberano coloquial
    he was given a royal kicking le dieron una soberana pateadura coloquial
    • Now to some that might sound like a right royal waste of money, but when you stop to think about how much said chair will be used the cost is much easier to justify.
    • He may crave the role of honest voice in the wilderness, but what really pushes North's buttons is giving his old allies in the green movement a right royal kicking.
    • Now even the Queen herself has seen fit to give the London media a right royal ticking off.
    • They prepared a right royal welcome for her at Manchester - but she surprised them by arriving back in Rochdale unannounced to get the champagne corks popping.
    • Last Tuesday her dedication and hard work received a right royal accolade.
    • Not a great thing for a journalist hoping for a right royal row to report.
    • It was Richard's way of celebrating a right royal event - a half century of trading.
    • A right royal rumpus has erupted over York's Golden Jubilee Rugby League Festival after a team from Oxford tried once again to muscle in on the event.
    • This accident, sickness and unemployment cover is a right royal rip-off, as this article reveals!
    • Until I discovered the website, my finances were in a right royal mess, and being in the red was something that happened almost every month.
    • The princess wants to run away, much to the King and Queen's concern, and only our hero can prevent a right royal row.
    • Staff and residents at an Ilkley nursing home are preparing a right royal welcome for a special visitor to the town.
    • For me, this was such an exciting story and a subject that's really never gotten the real royal cinematic treatment.
    • 2003 will go down in stock-market history as a right royal roller coaster of a year!
    • A right royal welcome was extended to war veteran Reg Samways when he returned to Norway 63 years after playing his part in the rescue of King Haakon.



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    miembro de la familia real masculino
    • At the Abbey, members of the Royal Family, foreign royals, members of the Bowes Lyon family and other blood relatives move in procession to their seats.
    • Numerous monarchs and other royals are buried there as well.
    • Like most royals, Ranjit Singh is a connoisseur of the arts.
    • Mums are queuing up to get their hands on a classically designed pram favoured by royals and celebrities.
    • Some 35 members of the Royal Family and 25 foreign royals were there to pay a personal tribute.
    • There will be a grand banquet Friday that is expected to be attended by thousands of royals and leaders from all over the world.
    • Church officials were anxious to point out that the Anglican leader entertains royals, visiting heads of state, top politicians and secular and religious leaders from home and abroad.
    • One of the last great houses to be built in Cheshire is Henbury Hall, commissioned by Sebastian de Ferranti, the retired industrialist and friend of Prince Charles and other royals.
    • Political leaders saddened by Princess Margaret's death have paid tribute to the popular royal.
    • It is traditionally a winter retreat for royals such as Prince Michael of Kent and King Juan Carlos of Spain, but it is fast becoming a playground for nouveau riche Russians.
    • The princess is the third royal to visit Saskatchewan in the last three years.
    • At 11.10 am Royal Family members, foreign royals and members of the Queen Mother's family will be seated.
    • Among the guests who will attend the blessing, along with the senior British royals, foreign royals, dignitaries and a handful of politicians, will be a host of friends and celebrities.
    • He made a name for himself painting dogs and was commissioned to paint for various royals including King Edward VII and King George VI.
    • We don't live in a Renaissance city-state, or a monarchy where the royals and the aristocrats order up lots of art, portraits, and public buildings, and are patrons of writers.
    • We also took a turn around some of the state rooms, sat on one of the royal sofas, and viewed vast collections of porcelain and pictures of Queen Victoria and her family and long-dead royals whose names we didn't recognise.
    • At least seven prime ministers including Italy's Silvio Berlusconi are also expected to attend as are royals Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Britain's Prince Edward, among others.
    • Although the late Queen Mother remains her favourite royal, she has met Prince Charles numerous times.