Traducción de rubberize en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈrəbəˌraɪz//ˈrʌbərʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

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    (fabric) aplicar una capa de goma sobre
    (fabric) aplicar una capa de caucho sobre
    • Modern bags are often made from tanned sheepskin cut to shape, rubber, or rubberized cloth.
    • Its wings were stacked against the wall and adjacent to them was a very long rope made of some rubberised sort of material.
    • Knobs include a choice of either thermoplastic elastomer material that provides a rubberized, soft-touch feel, or a polypropylene material for a hard-finish feel.
    • Two vibrating motors deliver all the bumps and jostles you'd expect, and it's even got rubberized grips to help keep you from dropping it when you get excited.
    • On the day of the study, subjects wore what they normally wore to work: rubberized apron, gloves and boots layered above cotton clothes.
    • I found I had to be more careful pushing them to avoid making an error, particularly when dialing with one hand, than I have to do when using my regular phone, which has rubberized buttons that are slightly raised.
    • Using a small rubberized skeleton, she demonstrates how the actions of the head affect file whole spine.
    • It features an 8-inch touch-navigation screen and rubberized handgrips that vibrate for heightened effect.
    • Avoid rubberized materials, as they don't allow perspiration to evaporate.
    • The unit consists of three inflatable tubes of heavily rubberized canvas duck.
    • The gloves have a rubberized non-slip grip and gel padding and are supported by a one-year warranty.
    • The rubberized, non-slip nosepiece was easy to bend to fit.
    • These totally rubberised speedbreakers do reveal their presence with their vibrant yellow and black colours.
    • A bladder layer contained rubberized nylon to hold air during compression.
    • It has soft-touch rubberised plastic or fabric in every area likely to come into contact with your hands, such as the seatbelt holders and sun-visors.
    • The mouse is made in two halves - the upper half has a nice matt texture, and the bottom half is rubberised plastic.
    • I also added flashing yellow lights in the rear window, and a police-style spotlight and rubberized push bumper to the front.
    • The rubberized seal around the hatch began to hiss as air from the corridor was sucked inside.
    • The denims are coated with a clear, rubberized coating, which is fairly rigid but can be broken down and softened in washes.
    • The keyboard surround is also black, but more importantly, it's finished in a tactile, rubberised coating which feels just great when you rest your wrists on it.