Traducción de rubdown en Español:


fricción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrəbˌdaʊn///


  • 1

    fricción femenino
    friega femenino
    to give sb a rubdown darle una friega / fricción a algn
    • to give a horse a rubdown almohazar un caballo
    • I gave myself a good rubdown with a towel me sequé frotándome / dándome fricciones con una toalla
    • I tackled it with a swipe from my duster and then a vigorous rub-down with polish and a dust cloth.
    • I chatted with Mai through the door as my jeans joined the shirt and I gave myself a cursory rub-down with a washcloth almost coarse enough to hurt.
    • South of the border, though, the realism is as gritty as a towel rub-down with sandy suntan lotion.
    • Kat wrapped a towel around him and gave him a quick rub-down to start drying him off.