Traducción de rube en Español:


pueblerino, n.

Pronunciación /rub//ruːb/



  • 1

    pueblerino masculino
    pueblerina femenino
    paleto masculino España coloquial despectivo
    paleta femenino España coloquial despectivo
    pajuerano masculino Río de la Plata coloquial despectivo
    pajuerana femenino Río de la Plata coloquial despectivo
    indio masculino México coloquial
    india femenino México coloquial
    huaso masculino Chile coloquial
    huasa femenino Chile coloquial
    montañero masculino Colombia coloquial
    montañera femenino Colombia coloquial
    • A week later, two rubes from Wyoming had somehow managed to become certified Nordic instructors.
    • It's just not as simple as it used to be to round up the rubes and tell them what they believe.
    • It's all about retailing efficiency, they tell us, as though we are gullible rubes who don't know that computers mean fewer retail clerks, more technological glitches, and much consumer frustration.
    • In his self-satisfied sense of superiority, it never even occurred to him that he might have been addressing one of those ignorant rubes who voted for him.
    • North Dakota might be a rural state, but the people aren't rubes.
    • We just knew you prudish rubes would be upset and it would sell papers (which is, after all, the point of this business)!
    • Or maybe I like hearing about a good con that separates the rubes from their money.
    • Everyone suffers agonies of mortification that he'll seem a trailer-trash rube if he says out loud the plain truth that the modernist emperor has no clothes.
    • You know, in today's business, everything is so cookie cutter and so formulaic, for a rube like Billy to hit like he has is a great thing.
    • I get to talk to a couple of rubes like you.
    • We have to enjoy every chance we can get to ridicule rubes from the South / Southwest.
    • He initially doesn't have violence inside himself so much as ill will for the rubes he fleeces.
    • The New York of her books is the one of legend: where a small-town rube goes to cast his or her lot against the forces of good fortune and hard luck, and there's no telling which you'll end up with.
    • They went to war to wow the rubes and armchair patriots.
    • First they said that only ignorant rubes doubted Darwin.
    • The council often seems to think that New Yorkers are unsophisticated rubes, continually fleeced by crafty and unethical businesses.
    • Megan and I decided beforehand that we'd play the part of two uneducated rubes looking for more information.
    • You uncultured rubes probably think that having a vast army of servants slavishly waiting on you hand and foot is some great luxury.
    • The argument is that big institutions can't get bamboozled by hype the way the rest of us rubes can.
    • Even if they felt like rubes, they'd pretend otherwise, behind a screen of smart remarks.