Traducción de rudder en Español:


timón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrədər//ˈrʌdə/


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    timón masculino
    • He was unable to row the boat and couldn't steer the vessel having lost his rudder on day one of the voyage.
    • The ship has rudders and bowthrusters for harbour manoeuvring.
    • Later, I heard that one torpedo had hit the rudder and put its steering out of action.
    • It also emerged at the meeting that there were problems with the steering and the rudder.
    • Under the stern, the rudders and propellers keep the hull clear of the bottom.
    • These were clinker-built - that is, with timbers overlapping and not laid flush - with flat bottom, straight stem and stern posts, a stern rudder and a single sail.
    • Stern horizontal rudders levelled off the submarine underwater.
    • The sailboat has a fin keel and a rudder that resemble the dorsal and pectoral fins of orcas.
    • The ship has two controllable pitch propellers and two rudders with rudder roll stabilisation.
    • Rotating the pod or drive unit provides directional control, eliminating the need for rudders to redirect the flow of water from the prop.
    • The Nubian boat captain piloted the rudder with his foot.
    • Helicopter rescue teams braved strong winds and waves yesterday to save 16 sailors from a ship that lost its rudder and was pitching wildly at sea as a powerful typhoon swept toward China.
    • The tiny trimtab turns the rudder, and the little rudder turns the giant ship.
    • It was no cabin cruiser, but with the rudder salvaged from the Minnow, and a mast and sail added, the boat should be navigable.
    • The ship has two shafts with controllable pitch propellers, two rudders and a pair of active stabilising fins.
    • The vessel is fitted with two pairs of active stabilising fins and twin rudders and has bow and stern thrusters.
    • The vessel was 70 percent complete but was without engines, rudders, or armament.
    • The stricken yacht had significant flooding to her port demi-hull, the port engine was damaged, the starboard rudder was gone and there was damage to the port rudder.
    • Volunteer boatbuilder Henry Thuys tests if the new rudder of the Batavia long boat is responding smoothly.
    • I slammed the rudder and the boat peeled hard to starboard.