Traducción de rudiment en Español:


rudimentos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈruːdɪm(ə)nt//ˈrudəmənt/


  • 1rudiments plural

    (first principles)
    rudimentos masculino
    nociones elementales femenino
    • It neglects the fact that although the rudiments of a task can be picked up quite soon, skills take time to develop, and the process is inhibited by too many job changes, compulsory task rotations, or rapid staff turnover.
    • Drivers of such vehicles too have to be taught the rudiments of traffic discipline.
    • They will be taught the rudiments of life saving so that in the event of an emergency they can help sustain life until paramedics arrive.
    • In the biographers' accounts, the cardinal is cast as something of a second father figure, teaching the young Bernini the rudiments of literature even as his actual father taught him how to hold a drill.
    • Teaching pupils the rudiments of double-blind tests, clinical trial methods and general principles of factoring studies for other influences would clear these scientific confusions.
    • They were also taught the rudiments of direction.
    • There is a regrettable paucity of training in the rudiments of security protocols or practices at the library.
    • He taught them the rudiments of carpentry and construction as they put up a unit for poultry production.
    • In every village, in every nook and cranny, youths were taught the rudiments of the game by elders as a matter of course.
    • In the past road safety initiatives focused on children's lack of experience and competence in dealing with traffic, and aspired to teach children the rudiments of dealing with a busy road.
    • The workshop will expose students to the rudiments of handling backstage activities such as sound and lighting effects.
    • If you don't understand the rudiments of grammar you won't be able to deal with Shakespeare.
    • When the Laune Pipers' Band was founded in 1944 in Killorglin, it was decided to engage Peter to train the local boys in the rudiments of pipe playing.
    • I left with a fair understanding of the rudiments of dressmaking.
    • It is hard to say what, beyond the rudiments of painting, Dou derived from his time with Rembrandt.
    • There is no one better to teach the rudiments of the game than Matt.
    • One of the directors had someone teach Jayaraja the rudiments of camera work.
    • They are thus taught the rudiments of yoga, relaxation techniques and certain yoga exercises that can help improve memory and concentration.
    • ‘Working with them helped me to know the rudiments of film-making,’ he says.
    • They might just about have grasped the rudiments of e-mail, but they haven't a clue about the new media.
  • 2

    rudimento masculino
    • Ichthyostega had seven digits in the feet and still retained some gill arch rudiments and fin rays in the tail.
    • It has rudiments of the limb girdles, but no fins.
    • All fetuses from whom the testis rudiment had been removed developed as though they were female, as also did those from whom the developing ovary was removed.
    • This initial pattern changes in larvae of the six and eight arms, when the juvenile rudiment is present.
    • A small posterior element in this limb may be a rudiment of the fifth metacarpal.