Traducción de ruffian en Español:


rufián, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrəfiən//ˈrʌfɪən/


  • 1

    rufián masculino
    villano masculino
    • As the proportion of homicides committed with firearms surged, even the swaggering ruffians of local bars may have thought twice before challenging any and all onlookers.
    • In early twentieth-century Chicago, where guns were readily available, local ruffians were less inclined to announce that they would abide no disrespect or take on all corners.
    • Vidocq served a lucrative apprenticeship with various ruffians, vagabonds and swindlers.
    • Even the tsotsis, the unkempt street ruffians of the 1930s, began to embrace the quest for style in the 1950s.
    • Within a few hours even the toughest of the tough ruffians would break down and start confessing.
    • He was, in fact, a leader of a gang of Essex ruffians, whose speciality was robbery with violence.
    • Good heavens, you could have been killed going into a den of ruffians like that.
    • On New Year's Day 1753 an eighteen-year-old London maidservant called Elizabeth Canning was abducted in the City by two ruffians.
    • Obviously, it was a case of collusion between the state and the lawbreaking ruffians.
    • These were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians.
    • But Morgan makes enemies right away when he foils a mugging by a gang of local ruffians.
    • No cooked food could be sold, and shops were not to shelter ruffians, thieves, or prostitutes.
    • A few days earlier a ruffian had snatched a woman's chain.
    • Albert is a regular at this place, bringing along his gang of ruffians and louts to watch him eat sloppily and hurl insults at everyone that walks by.
    • He too, the boy thinks, has known hard times: the bully on the next block, the ruffians in his third grade class.
    • Well, so long as he could hide his emotions when they crossed paths with the thieves - bullies and ruffians were always drawn to the fearful.
    • And he had traveled many places, heard rumors of all sorts, and been threatened by ruffians and rogues who would have stolen from him or killed him; he had felt fear then.
    • This first feature filmed in Irish follows the tale of an aging producer of poitin (the Irish equivalent of moonshine) and the two young ruffians who rob him.
    • They used to say soccer is a gentleman's game played by ruffians and rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen.
    • The tactics of the violent ruffians failed in this year's election.