Traducción de rumble en Español:


ruido sordo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrʌmb(ə)l//ˈrəmbəl/


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    ruido sordo masculino
    (of thunder) estruendo masculino
    (of stomach) ruido de tripas masculino coloquial
    a rumble of disapproval un murmullo de desaprobación
    • A deep rumble came up from the depths of his throat and his breathing quickened.
    • From somewhere in the distance comes an ominous rumble of thunder, barely perceptible over the nearby lawnmower.
    • There was no answer, only the silence of the dust clearing and the distant rumble of motorway traffic.
    • The deep rumble of tanks could be felt through the earth.
    • The rumble was quickly controlled by nearby officers and my attention returned to more important matters.
    • The air became moister and the deep rumble of the waterfall could be heard, it was certain that they were not far off.
    • Ponyboy looks at the other boys who join his gang for the rumble.
    • Grey clouds rolled in from the south, deep rumbles of thunder accompanying them.
    • But it was over so quickly that many people didn't realise that the shaking ground and strange deep rumble was actually an earthquake.
    • Rimbaud's approach is minimalist, with a subtle array of grinding and plucking effects combining with the deep rumble of the base.
    • A distant rumble arose from downriver as we gathered speed.
    • Clerks from both of their firms circled around the trash-talking combatants, as if this were some kind of Wall Street rumble.
    • I could hear the distant rumble of thunder in the background but all sound was lost to my ears as Darius walked in.
    • He chuckled, a deep rumble from deep in his chest.
    • I heard a distant splash and a rumble of loud thunder.
    • He climbed into the car and started it up with a deep rumble and a jolt.
    • Which brings us to last week's National Book Critics Circle awards, announced in New York City amid of few rumbles of dissension… which is the subject of today's column.
    • Meanwhile, rumbles of surprising dissent are coming from military officers themselves, who have accused the administration of not sending in enough soldiers.
    • The deep rumble sounded again and this time, the entire place shook.
    • Tensions and emotions ran high as both gangs headed for the chosen rumble spot at the football field.
    • He told me of the gang fights he experienced as a boy, including one memorable rumble when he was chased by a knife wielding opponent.
    • There has been a low rumble from deep within the community about the rights of the childless.
    • At first it was a distant rumble, then it was louder and louder.
    • The heavy raindrops fell quickly and loudly, and the ominous rumble of thunder sounded in the distance.
    • Still, there are rumbles in the industry that more than one firm will be found in violation of independence regulations.
  • 2EEUU anticuado, argot

    pelea femenino

verbo intransitivo

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    (guns/drums) hacer un ruido sordo
    (thunder) retumbar
    my stomach's rumbling me suenan las tripas coloquial
    • a truck rumbled past un camión pasó con gran estruendo
    • The clouds remained, lightning continued to strike, and thunder continued to rumble, but there was no rain.
    • Thunder continued to rumble ominously overhead, like some great sky god beating out a war march on giant, distant drums.
    • The building groaned as a sound like thunder rumbled somewhere above him.
    • Soon thunder rumbled across the heavens and flashes of lightning lit up the hillsides as thick curtains of rain swept towards us.
    • The sound of thunder rumbled through my ears and a flash of lightning appeared here and there.
    • Thunder rumbled ominously, and the wind and rain battered the windows.
    • Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance, and lightning lit up the underbellies of the clouds to the far south.
    • Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, making the scene even more nightmarish.
    • In the distance, thunder rumbled, and sheet lightning dimly lit the sky.
    • He stared up at the sky, a deep growl rumbling in his throat.
    • The sound of thunder rumbled off in the distance.
    • It thundered and rumbled and rain fell ferociously for hours.
    • It was deep and rumbling, like the thunder that came just before a storm.
    • A sudden drum roll of thunder rumbled over the meadow, but only the village seemed to notice.
    • Thunder rumbled, sounding closer than it had before.
    • Lightning struck and thunder rumbled all around us.
    • The rain only lasted thirty minutes, but thunder continued to rumble for hours afterwards.
    • Instantaneously, the sky darkened, thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed.
    • Thunder rumbles because we hear sound waves from different parts of a jagged lightning stroke.
    • Thunder rumbled around the rooftops and lightning flashed repeatedly across the sodden skyline.

verbo transitivo


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    (person) calar coloquial
    • Meanwhile, a couple of FBI agents have been sent along to rumble the gang and solve the murder.
    • Viewers were outraged when the link to the site was cut at 2am this morning - just as resident bad guy Nick was about to be rumbled.
    • So we strung him along, waiting for him to rumble us or get bored.
    • I looked at the monitor, and discovered that the boys had been rumbled.
    • In July we were going to elope to Gretna Green but I told my big mouthed brother who let it slip and we were rumbled.
    • The organization cites the example of Maria Rodriguez, who was rumbled while working under her husband's Social Security Number.
    • Their position would be highly dangerous, as the enemy never likes to be rumbled.
    • Reade was rumbled in 1999 after bidders tried to buy goods from him on eBay.
    • He told her too that he was single, but she rumbled him in July 2004 and ended the relationship.
    • He collected R4000 in wedding gifts - but a suspicious guest rumbled him and the game was up.
    • What if he knows Mick's upstairs, what if he's rumbled our game?
    • Eventually, the person on the other end of the line will get the message that they have been rumbled.
    • Just when it looked like we had rumbled them, they perpetrated on us probably the greatest political confidence trick of the century.
    • The scam was only rumbled in September 2001, following an undercover police operation.
    • The gang were rumbled when a low bidder became suspicious after failing to win a contract and complained to the authorities.
    • Fortunately, as soon as they realised that their scheme had been rumbled by councillors, they slammed on the brakes.
    • He was rumbled by police earlier this week after an American contacted the authorities when James failed to show up.
    • One of those new thin fascistic speed cameras was looking beadily down on me and I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I was rumbled and some sort of motorway security would be on the scene.
    • Crooks direct these illicit revenues to separate accounts in the hope they'll be able to draw out a sizable wedge by the time their ruse is rumbled.