Traducción de rumbling en Español:


ruido sordo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrʌmblɪŋ//ˈrəmb(ə)lɪŋ/


  • 1

    ruido sordo masculino
    (of thunder) estruendo masculino
    there were rumblings of discontent/disapproval hubo muestras de descontento/desaprobación
    • there were rumblings about protest action se hablaba de tomar medidas de protesta
    • A flash of lightning struck, answered by the rumbling of menacing thunder.
    • She heard in the distance the rumbling of thunder that drew closer by the minute.
    • There was a distant rumbling above him that gradually got louder.
    • Steady rumblings have been recorded indicating the upward movement of magma.
    • Great flashes of light illuminated the whole area, punctuated by the rumbling of thunder clouds.
    • Simon opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the distant rumbling of thunder.
    • Each huge clap of thunder reverberated round the mountains for so long that its noise would be interrupted by the next, causing a continuous rumbling for hours on end.
    • Donna becomes quiet for a moment, hearing rumbling coming from another room.
    • A familiar low rumbling sounded above the running water.
    • The next morning, she woke up to the ominous rumbling of thunder in the distance.
    • Suddenly, a deep rumbling broke her concentration, and her heart jumped into her throat.
    • Over the noise came a deep rumbling, like the engines of several bulldozers.
    • First bad light and then the rumbling of thunder and the flashing of lightning forced the players from the field.
    • The floor began vibrating, and a rumbling from the ground below shook the tower.
    • A slight rumbling in her stomach reminded her to eat.
    • Suddenly they all heard a deep rumbling, and the ground began to shake violently!
    • Without warning, the smell, the sound, the rumbling just stopped.
    • I lean back against the kitchen counter, ignoring the rumbling in my stomach.
    • The soft rumbling of thunder outside the house awoke him.
    • Everything seemed to go quiet, save for the distant rumbling of thunder.